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Something strange happened

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So something strange happened yesterday.

YSD sent DH a text asking if he wanted to go to the apple farm with her and her baby. The strange thing was that she said "Do you, Zero and BS want to go to apple farm today?"

This is a TOTAL SHOCKER as YSD likes to act like I and BS don't exist. Especially BS.

DH had other plans so it didn't happen. Plus BS was at his dad's and I was in no mood to even do anything like that, especially considering I am disengaged from skids.

YSD recently got married. Her now DH is in the Air Force and will be getting deployed to another country so they got married so that she and baby can come with him. They got married in the state that he is in now. She still lives with BM and BM's BF as far as I know.

Not sure if she has realized that BS and I aren't going anywhere or if she has realized that she isn't doing herself any favors by making me her enemy or if she is maturing but it is nice to have a little glimmer of hope. I'm not doing anything different or getting my hopes up for anything but ideally it would be best if everyone was able to get along.


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Maybe motherhood changed her. It does change your life. Hopefully she did this for the right reason.

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Well I definitely think she was bored and wanted DH to pay for her to go and do something fun.

However, in the past she would never ever mention mine and BS's name involved in something that she wanted DH to take her to do. Or our names at all. Or even acknowledge that we exist. LOL!

I am hoping that it is motherhood that is changing her (for the better). It did not happen with OSD (3 kids) and MSD (2 kids).

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Yeah, motherhood can often change people...MAYBE it's a glimmer of hope. One can only hope so. Too bad there is never any glimmer of hope on your DH trying to mend things either though...the man seriously has every excuse on the planet to avoid having anything to do w/his kids. There is a reason they are resentful-and it's not about you. I think he's created this rift.

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Yep it's when it's convenient for him.

Instead of just parenting them and dealing with the issues when they happened he just stopped dealing with everything all together.

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Maybe she is changing....


she wants \dh to pay for the move, plane tickets home every month, pay for a divorce, sign a new will that her kid gets all his possessions,,,
oh it's a never ending list lol and she knows if she includes you and BS she will look nice and Daddy will do everything for her