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Something possitive

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I know that this a safe place to vent and get advice, but I wanted to share something positive that happened, a happy development in my little step family.

First let me give you a slight back story so you know that it wasn't always peaches and cream. I have been with my DH for pretty much my SD4's entire life (she was the result of a casual relationship). It was a really rough few years, and it worsened after we married last fall. My DH was working 80 hour work weeks and BM works grave yards, which means that more often than not, the care of SD was left to me. I am the youngest child of 2 in family and I have very little experience except what parents taught me. Shortly thereafter I got pregnant and had a miscarriage that shocked and devastated me, further complicating my relationship with SD, who was too young to appreciate how much I was taking care of her. She really just wanted Mommy and Daddy. I kept trying to do more and hope she would warm to me with no avail.

Recently, after reading a few books about step parenting and finding my way to expressing what I need from DH in a constructive and logical way, things have taken a very positive turn. My SD4 has started to be more affectionate with me, she wants ME comfort her when she is upset, she started telling me she loves me, and last night, she asked ME, not Daddy to tuck her in. In the past she would throw a fit and start a fight if I tucked her in and not DH. She used to see me more as the disciplinarian and it seems like she sees me as another parent. It's a small victory, but I am counting it nonetheless.

Thanks for reading, just wanted to share something positive and hopefully give someone else a glimmer of hope. Smile Have a good afternoon!