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this week ss13 managed to

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shave his peach fuzz with the razor I use on my hoohah and brush his teeth with the toothbrush I use to clean my jewelry...

He has his own damn razor and toothbrush.


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Oh, this made my laugh out loud and I had to remind my DH about the time his daughter used my cleaning rag, that I had cleaned the toilet with, to wash her face.

It was so obviously not a face cloth but my SD has never been accused of being too smart.

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The look oh DHs face was priceless. He had knocked some stuff over and in response I went into the bathroom to see who was tearing up what and DH was holding my razor with a screwed up look on his face. He asked why I don't rinse my razor (duh of course I do) I looked at it and asked if he really thought that hair came from my hoohah. When it hit him he looked horrified. I told him if he didn't talk to SS about not using my stuff I would.

This morning I decided to clean my rings and there was toothpaste all in the bristles of my jewelry brush. I just smh. This kid. There is no way he mistook that toothbrush for his. He has an electric toothbrush.

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You know what? I don't think lazy has anything to do with it. I think its a passive aggressive "Eff YOU SM!"

Only this time it backfired on the little you know what!

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Yes he is that lazy. Instead of putting his trash in the trash can NEXT to the arm of the couch he just stuffs it in the couch. He just can't seem to stretch his long arms over the arm and drop it in the trash can. Not to mention he is sitting right next to that arm of the couch.

When I told DH about the toothbrush he laughed hysterically and said "well at least he brushed his teeth" We have a serious problem getting SS to brush. *sigh*

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OMG isn't it just magical how smart and gifted they get at that age?

Bwahahahahha cracking up over here!

~ Moon