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SS has stained yellow teeth

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When SS13 adult teeth came in years ago they were stained yellow. DH said it was from when he was a baby with ear infections and had to be put on antibiotics(??).  Has anyone heard of this???? Maybe its me but it seems to be getting worse as hes getting older. SS13 is awful about brushing his teeth. Can go whole weekends without seeing a toothbrush. Floss never. So not sure if his bad teeth brushing habits is making it worse.

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There are several common causes of yellow teeth like that:

  • thin enamel
  • heredity
  • use of certain antibiotics (tetracycline, amoxicillan)
  • heavily pigmented food and
  • of course, poor dental hygiene.

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Unless you are wanting massive dental bills, I would take him to the dentist for an opinion on what is going on with his teeth and the reasons they look the way they do.
Also see if an oral hygienist can clean and "descale" the teeth for improvement on the appearance.
It could be poor hygiene, it could be something else.
However, poor dental hygiene is gross and ignorant SS13 should be told and made to take proper care of his teeth.

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Tetracycline was heavily prescribed in the late 70's to early 80's to children for infections and could cause permanent staining of their developing teeth.  However, that staining is obviously grey in color.  Not even remotely yellow.  If he is using this as an excuse and blowing the issue off then, as Letti said above, he is very likely looking at future heavy dental bills.  The problem is very likely just poor hygiene.

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I have a line across my front teeth from it. It looks like it was from braces. 

I agree that this case is probably poor hygiene. You could always try an over the counter whitening treatment. If it helps, you have your answer for sure. If it doesn't then it may be more than a need to brush more frequently. 

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Please don't use an OTC whitening treatment (beyond toothpaste, I mean) on a child. These things make the enamel porous ... At best, have it done by a dentist.

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Good Dental hygiene is important for a variety of reasons... most important are the health related issues surrounding oral health.. strong teeth.. avoiding infections.

Your husband should be ensuring his children are getting the proper dental appointments.. my guess is they should be in for cleanings 2x a year.  The dentist can advise if there are any steps that can or should be taken at that time. 

It sounds like your husband is lazy.. unfortunately, you can't care more than a parent does.  If he is not making this a priority.. you will have to just grin and bear it.

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That’s the weird thing I don’t get. How come the dentist never mentioned this or done anything to correct/fix this???? Now mind you I never went and BM is the one to take SS since she does not work so I’m sure it’s been mentioned but Obviously nothings been done about it. SS has had more Cavities/fillings than I ever had as a kid so I know his Teeth hygiene sucks. BM has no problem spending $$$ on Sealants, Spacers,Expanders and everything else the dentist has Recommended I find it hard to believe this dentist never recommended getting the yellow staining fixed on SS’s teeth. 

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It's actually possible there is a natural reason for the color.. it may not be "fixable".. it could really be his enamel is that color.

Also, whitening treatments probably wouldn't be suggested for a minor.. it can damage your enamel.. so it may not be a good treatment to coexist with other things the dentist has done.



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A quick google search show that antibiotics can in fact cause yellowing of teeth.  I have some spots on my teeth (not yellow, just discolored) from my mother's antibiotic use during pregnancy. 

Seems like something just to leave to his parents and not worry about. 

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Yes, they can. One of my friends has this problem.  She's had it addressed recently, but it was pretty bad years ago before she could afford the corretions.

However bad dental hygiene can certainly exacerbate this. 

My OSD never brushed, flossed or even used a mouth rinse.  To. This. Day.  She's almost 16.  Her mouth is disgusting, AND BM found an ortho to put braces on her.  Still no brushing.  DH failed on this early on and he knows it (at least for our house).  He just didn't want to deal with arguing with her (at 10 years old!).  Her teeth were yellow, gums bleed and horrible breath.  You don't want to get too close to her (last time we saw her was in April for a 10 day trip - DH mentioned that he didn't think she brushed her teeth the entire time...of course she didn't!).

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I agree that it can be an enamel problem. I have bad enamel - I had the same dental hygiene growing up as my sisters, yet they have zero cavities to this day and I have had well over a dozen. Their teeth are much whiter than mine. My dentist suggested capping my teeth to stop the cavities.  I brush 3x a day, floss 2x a day, get regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist  but still have at least one cavity every time I go. My issue is bad enamel, pure and simple.  It's not always poor hygiene; I know people with sub-optimal dental hygiene and no cavities - they were just blessed with good teeth.


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Yes, some antibiotics can cause permanent discoloration of permanent teeth if taked during that phase of tooth development.

A friend of mine has this condition.