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First night over and no trainwrecks yet!

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SS did get to come yesterday to spend the weekend with us and amazingly we haven't had any disasters yet. BM has yet to email me except to say that she is available on her cell if we or SS need her. If she has called SS yet I haven't known of it. She actually sent a toothbrush and toothpaste with him this time (he didn't even have one at all last time he came). The toothpaste was a little sample that it looks like BM dug out of a drawer somewhere because it was caked in gooey pastey crap and they made me clean it off before they would use it. He said "Mom doesn't take care of the lid..." He kind of looked ashamed at that. The poor thing still doesn't know how to brush his teeth, though, so BF had to help him brush his teeth again.

Sometimes I wonder if SS is ashamed of his Mom or his home with Mom. Their house is a complete pigsty. SS actually described it as "it looks like someone took a bag of garbage and slung it everywhere". My house is so neat and clean, completely opposite of his Mom's house. He was on the phone with her the first time that he came to spend the night, and she must have asked him what the place was like because he said "This place is SPOTLESS Mom!" Like, wow! Houses can actually be clean! It's things like that and what he said above that make me wonder if he kind of resents our house in a way or is ashamed of his other home because of how nasty it is.


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I just have to say that I spoke too soon, not 10 seconds after I posted this, SS's cell phone rang. She called this morning and told BF that she wasn't going to call anymore today, she was going to let them have a good day together...BF turned off SS's ringer because he's decided that we need to start putting our foot down on the 23,342,498 calls a day. She called five times before he turned the ringer off, and when he looked at the phone again after the ringer had been off there were 5 missed calls from BM. I really don't see what warrants so many phone calls every day. I can understand that she misses her son but good lord...

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