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Tears in the middle of all these people (a story of goodness)

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On here I read about so many of you who have in-laws who are part of the problem. I do not know how you survive. My in-laws have just been here for their first visit to our house since our wedding. DH's mom and all 3of his siblings came (FIL passed long before I met DH). Stayed in our house. Skids came over (I fetched them). A big jolly but very quick visit.

This morning as they were leaving I was so taken aback they presented me with a beautiful hostess gift and an amazing thank you card they all signed! I got all choked up! The card was effusive in its message about how much I'm appreciated and acknowledging I don't get thanked enough. And their personal messages included how "great" I am not only with DH, but with the skids.

Later, my bil gave me a great big bear hug saying how good I was for the kids and "I'm so glad you're in our family." Bils also admired how much SS has improved (autistic) then looked at me and said, "I believe we have you to thank for that."

Sniffle! Watery eyes! Zingy zings in my heart! It felt so good and it was so unexpected. Ha! AFTER all this big display, my phone rings and it's the school with a medical/behavioral dilemma with SS13. Yes, the school called ME right in front of these lovely in-laws.

This step journey has been so difficult and so unpleasant with just ONE person causing trouble (SD15). I could not have done it without the support and love of my DH, SS, and all these wonderful in-laws rooting for me and supporting our marriage. And with all these advantages it has still had me on the ledge many times. I DO NOT KNOW HOW ALL OF YOU WITH ROTTEN IN LAWS GET THROUGH THIS ALIVE. I really, really don't.

Wanted to share this happy story with all of you and give those with more difficult situations than me (and that is most of you) a giant, colossal, thundering round of applause and hat's off. I am so lucky to have married into this lovely family and I wish the rest of you could have that.


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Happy for ya hun! And a bit jealous...the only one who actually likes me and shows it from DH's side of the family is FIL.

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Agree - happy for you, but jealous. I wish my BIL and SIL and MIL would just get that none of this mess with SD18 is my fault. It has caused so many problems between me and DH.

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How wonderful to hear something like this! I'm so glad they showed how much you're loved and appreciated. Smile

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I am so happy for you, Chief! What a lovely, loving tribute! The good people in this family outnumber the one bad apple. Enjoy them! They are crazy about you! You are making such a difference in your SSs life. They are lucky to have you - and they know it!

I am actually lucky with my in-laws also. DH's three siblings accepted me and my kids warmly and wonderfully. But the witches' coven is hardly outnumbered in this family: three vicious skids, BM from hell and her mini-me wife are able to create quite a lot of havoc and spew quite a lot of hate. My SIL apologized to me for the skids' actions once. That was heart-warming...

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Thank you so much my dear friends. I made this post in haste then ran out the door to get on a plane with DH so could not respond to anyone for all these hours. I am several states away now and dead tired in a hotel room but couldn't wait to log on and I find all your lovely comments. As tired as I am, I am still walking on air from the visit with the in-laws and the moment they surprised me. Can barely speak English at this point but wanted to let you all know why I posted and disappeared. Bye!