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Of course she did.

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Stabbed her stepmother to death. Age 12.

My own fear, yup. My only consolation is that she is much too lazy. The stepdaughter at our house is, that is.


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Yeah. Got it.

Dad received superficial or non-life threatening wounds trying to "intervene." Really? An adult man cannot over power a 12 year old girl? REALLY?! Of course not. Wouldn't want to hurt her fee fees. Don't know why my wife is screaming so much. If she'd just hold still and let snowflake stab this would go so much easier.

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nothisagain may not be terribly off base here. Unless the girl got really lucky and managed to hit an artery, it takes quite a while and several hits to fatally stab someone. The father was not able to intervene and overpower her before she managed to finish the job? Obviously more details are needed (where was the father when this started, exactly what wounds did the woman sustain, what actions did the father take to save her life while EMS was on the way, who called EMS and what was said) but it does sound rather fishy that one person is dead and the other suffered only non-lifethreatening wounds purportedly trying to stop the attack. The father may not have been complicit in the murder but that does not mean that he took appropriate action either.

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How could he see it coming? Girl only set her room on fire. Left it to his wife to object. Couldn't possibly foresee his little girl would do anything but play dolls the rest of the afternoon.

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This is about a girl with severe emotional and mental problems, rather than a step situation.

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Hereiam, sadly, these are not mutually exclusive. Step plus severe probs often go together. It's what drives the stepparent crazy because the bio parent refuses to see it. Furthermore, the bio parent is often encouraging the problems.

In this case, the girl had set a fire to her room. News article specifically states that STEPMOTHER was the one disputing with her about it which led to the attack. So, as we have often see on here, the Disney Dad thought it was just another day in Paradise that the house was on fire!

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Right before I discovered this news story (via this thread), I had been discussing with my DH the possibility that his kids (SS18, SS16 and SD20) could hurt me or worse. As usual, he acted like I was the crazy one and reading way too much into his kids actions (SS18- swinging a metal baseball bat at my head, is pretty serious IMO... Also a psychiatric evaluation of SD20 revealed that she had homicidal tendencies a few years ago). So I sent him this link. He finally admitted that I may be right. I'm sure he will eventually flip back to their side. Sad In my case, if god forbid anything happened to me, I'm sure there will be people who will say, "But they lost their bio mom (she is deceased)... please understand... As I've said to DH, hurting me, will not bring her back... Hope this all makes sense. sigh.

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Well, that is scary indeed. Glad we could help you out. Mr. amgor863, please take this seriously and keep amgor safe as well as keep your own kids out of jail.

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If you believe your life is in danger, why are you still there? You can't put lover for your husband ahead of your safety.