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O/T Payroll deduction

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I have a question regarding payroll if any of you ladies is familiar with laws regarding payroll deductions...Texas is the state.
I purchased a piece of equipment from the company I work for and signed a written payroll deduction for a specified amount to be taken out of each payroll check...basically $200 a month on a $2000 purchase. They are actually taking out $400 a month which is double what I signed for to be deducted. I have been with the company for over 11 years so I doubt that I am a flight risk. Is this legal for them to do? There is talk of the company being sold so I'm wondering if they are doing this to clear out the a/r accts. Thanks for any answers you might have!!


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I wondered that as well. I get paid twice a month. If the agreement was to have $200 from my pay each month, & can see where it'd be easy to make an error making it pull out $200 per pay period rather than per month.

Have you asked them about it?

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Do you have a written copy of the agreement? Weather it is email or a form or whatever, just forward it to HR and ask them to adjust accordingly and ask for a new schedule since it will be paid off earlier due to your overpayment.

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That is part of what I do for a living and I'm sure it's just an error...Just call or stop by and double check on that.

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The paperwork clearly states $100 per payroll check until paid in full. Other employees have had the same thing happen to them as well. I will check to see if this is an oversight but I'm pretty sure they are just taking out what they want to regardless of the signed paperwork. Anyone that owes a balance over a certain amt is getting about 15% of there income taken out.