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Thought I would share...talks a lot about not blaming ourselves when we don't have a great relationship with step kids.


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I don't blame myself for anything having to do with SD.

I don't have a horrible relationship with her, I don't have a great relationship with her. I'm fine with that.

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I'm kinda the same way SD14 and I co-exist but that is about all. I used to blame myself but I know now that you can't make someone like you who doesn't. Society also makes it seem like it always our faults too which is complete BS and I see that now.
DH, BM, and MIL have for the most part created the person that SD is and most likely that will never change. She has been shown that she is the only thing that matters to them and that her wants are #1 priority. They don't give SD14 boundaries so hence she is a mini-wife. It is a difficult situation but I love DH and am willing to deal with it so it is what it is.