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Um those are my panties. Ugh.

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So... My step son bent down to play outside... With all of us around... It was very obvious that out if his shorts were a pair of my THONG BACK panties. My first thought was, "do jock straps come in nude thomg back from Old Navy?" Yeah, no they don't! I took a second look & then we caught eyes. He pulled at his shirt to cover them, then went in shortly after to the bathroom. I later found them hidden in the bathroom. I talked to my husband about it... We have a VERY CONTENTIOUS custody situation with both his ex & mine. We didn't feel we could confront it & still don't. We have found my panties hidden under his pillow & other places in his room. My biggest fear is he's going to drum up shit & say we force him to wear them. So... Now I go thru the laundry & make sure none are to be found. ....we found him in the laundry room going thru MY clean pile. Ugh. I googled this. It's said its common but not normal. I'm totally freaked out. If he takes a pair home... I'm scared he will place himself as a victim & say this was forced. It's his pattern. What do you think we should do???


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LOL - this is what I would do.

Or maybe call CPS and just say that you don't know what to do about this but want to have some sort of file opened in case it is a sign of some problem he has that you are unaware of.

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CPS has been involved. That's why we feel we can't confront it. The kids have lied with their mothers help in the past.

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My oldest saw it as well ...which makes for uneasiness between them (one sided)

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Shelby from Ax men wears them. Says they are comfy.

Just take them down to laundry when you run out. What I have to do b/c of SS and SD.

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I've actually thought about throwing a pad lock on them & then putting em in the basket. A hint that "we know". It's very disturbing. We've laughed about it... But honestly. Weird.

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I'd set up a nanny cam and record it. Don't give anyone heads up about it either then buy a fire safe box and keep the footage locked up for future use. Get several recordings catching him in action and there's all the proof you need.

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We have discussed this as well. This will provably be the avenue we take bc of the fear of his history.

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So many things wrong here.

1). Stealing
2). Lying
3). Wearing womans underwear and he is a boy.

Keep them locked up and get him some therapy.