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OT (kind of) GUHCBM in the making??

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It's interesting what step life does to our brains...

SS18s high school GF broke up with him a week after she went to college last year (30 minutes from us so not far) because she started hooking up with some other kid. No judgement SO and I assumed that would happen... I just thought it wasn't going to be that quick.

Anyways.. she BROKE his heart. I think he still might be off because of the breakup BUT he has had a few "GFs" in between.  

SO went to get the mail an hour ago... 

Why was one of SS18s shirts in the mailbox... hmmmm.....

Now we can see her backyard from our front yard... she lives that close.

We aren't going to say anything because he probably won't notice the missing shirt reappearing BUT.. really leaving it in our mailbox...

SS18 filled his role as high school BF to her. Everything was about HER. So I found it interesting that maybe this is her way for her to have him contact her. Probably has no BF right and expects SS18 to fall back on her LIKE most GUHCBMs do.

Maybe I'm being a little extreme but... i see a future there of that life for some poor kid. 




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Yes. Brazen BRASSY hussy, as my mother would say. Maybe she wants a boy toy for the summer?

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Hopefully the SKid does not engage.

I made the mistake of not accepting when my XW broke up with me while we were dating. That cost me 2.5yrs of  marital hell and a notable therapy bill as we were progressing to divorce.

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Make an excellent high conflict girlfriend and wife for an unsuspecting man in future...I'd say it was done to get a rise, if I was genuinely returning something I'd at least leave a polite note if I couldn't face the person 

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Yeah, this was her way of worming back in for the summer. I wouldn't say a thing to SS either, just wash and throw it back in with his laundry. 

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She’s home for the summer and needs a F@ck buddy.  My ex-boyfriend from high school did this to me.  I had a ring that got left with him after we broke up, I spent months calling him trying to get it back.  What do you know, summer starts and there is a letter in my mailbox with the ring in it.  Of course my dumba$$ called him up and we started talking and next thing you know bam summer fun.  Then off he goes to enlist and leaves me high and dry again.  I was so dumb back then I truly believed he wanted to get back together, nah he just wanted some nookie before he left for basic.

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You guys are all thinking what I am!! She 100% wants to use SS18 for the summer. No doubt in my mind! He has been talking to this girl he really likes so I HOPE his ex doesn't infiltrate him. 

He thought they were going to get married.... so when I say she broke the kids heart.. she really did. 

IF he even thinks about it... SO and I will have no problem telling him how terrible that would be.

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SS needs to stock up on Trojans and have some fun, then pat her on the ass and send her back to school in the Fall.  No need to risk catching whatever she picked up at school.

If he finds someone else over the summer... even better.  He can tell her "Sorry, not tonight, I have something else going on. Give me a call tomorrow."  He can answer... or not.

My XW had it in her mind that we could be lovers after the divorce.  Ummm... I told her that I had been married to her and asked what on earth would make her think I wanted to have sex with her after that.  She was all butt hurt. No recongnition that she had been riding every swining Johnson she could get her hands on the whole 2.5 years of our marriage.