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I'm not answering, BioHo.

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It's been a peaceful 2 weeks. Despite SD25 univiting Mrs SS from being a bridesmaid and work caca, things have been relatively quiet for us. Until today.

DH loathes voicemail messages. So much so that he had me leave him 19 voicemails that he saved so his phone will only accept one before it's full. Why? Because BioHo can and will (and has) leave 20 voicemails, so we consider this a sort of 'preventative maintenance'. 

Anyhoo, DH's doctor's office called this morning and left a vm so his mailbox is full. (I have the same mailbox "set-up" as DH and mine is full since the garage left a vm about an upcoming maintenance appoiontment). Now, the man works nights and doesn't even get home until 7am at the earliest. Which means he's sawing major logs by 9am and typically sleeps anywhere from 3-5pm. BioHo knows this, but, having zero consideration for anyone, started blowing up his phone shortly after 9am. Naturally, I am not about to wake him up OR answer. Had it been one of the kids calling over and over, yes, I would have (they have my number, but in one instance, SD28 did not have her phone so her hubby called DH's phone multiple times - emergency).

From 9am until almost 2pm, 'Ho called every 15-20 minutes. No texts. 'Ho started calling MY phone at 2pm; every 5-10 minutes - we're at 13 missed calls. Evil Aniki ain't answerin'. No way; no how. *diablo*

Could there be an emergency? Yes, but NOT with one of the kids because: 

  • I was on the phone with Mr SD28 this morning when 'Ho started calling AND 'Ho is still not speaking to SD28 or Mr SD28
  • I've been texting with SD25 and Mrs SS all day (separate conversations)
  • SS18 is working (and he can and does answer his phone or calls back as soon as he's free)


Place your bets, STalkers. WTH could 'Ho's problem be in which she thinks DH needs to be involved? If it's bail money, I'd like to start a GoFundMe so they KEEP her... 


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Place your bets, STalkers. WTH could 'Ho's problem be in which she thinks DH needs to be involved? If it's bail money, I'd like to start a GoFundMe so they KEEP her...

I'll contribute. 

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I know you would! However, it's just a fantasy as no jail would allow her to make a zillion calls. *kiss2*

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Maybe she snuck the phone in in her prison wallet?  js.  Dream still lives for now

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PA!!! xoxoxo

More likely in her bra. *lol*

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Do I have to pick just one reason why she's calling, because I have a list:

1.) One of the kids is not answering her calls and she's "worried".

2.) SS21 told off 'Ho because of what SD25 did to MrsSS due to 'Ho and she wants DH to step in.

3.) SS18 has something oh-so-important with school that 'Ho thinks she needs to talk to your DH about it (school fees maybe?).

4.) Someone was exposed to COVID and 'Ho wants DH to know "so he can be safe around the kids".

5.) She had an epiphany and is apologizing for her decades of behavior.

6.) She is going to "graciously" share the family pictures.

7.) She was drunk and is confessing her undying love for your DH.

I can keep going if you'd like... Wink

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LD, I like the way you think!

1) Possible, but tough gazongas. 

2) SS22 (he had a birthday!) has not spoken to 'Ho since his wedding day.

3) SS18 graduated and has no plans to attend school. Could be a whine about him working.

4) 'Ho wouldn't care.

5) Honey, were you drunk when you wrote that?? lol

6) Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

7) ~snorty~ 'Ho has undying love for 'Ho. She didn't want DH to be with anyone for the sole reason that she expected him to be her beck n call boy for eternity.

What's #8? *dirol*

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Holy sweet Thursday, SS18 has graduated?! I think I knew that, but it just doesn't seem possible so it didn't stick in my brain.

Girl, your 'Ho days are DONE. Block her. Tell DH to block her. File harassment charges against her. Finally tell her what you think. You're FREE from her!

And now a few more for fun:

8.) Mr. Pinhead wised up and left. She's heartbroke and needs to talk to her "nest friend" DH for validation that she's still desirable (GAG).

9.) Spawn told her off and somehow it is your DH's fault because he has turned all her kids against her (including one that isn't even his).

10.) She got a hang nail and is dying, bless her heart.

11.) She wants everyone to go in on some gift for SD25 for the wedding, and per usual, everyone else will pay for it while 'Ho takes the credit.

12.) She's having a Labor Day cookout and board game party that you two are invited to attend, and she just wants to make sure you get the invitation.

13.) CS actually ended or something else money/benefit-related and somehow it's DH's fault (versus just the natural process of time).

14.) She was bored and harassing y'all was less boring than daytime television.

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Yes, he graduated. For a little minute, we didn't think it would happen. Thankfully, SS18 got it together and worked hard. Phew!

However, SS18 still lives in the 'Ho House and DH is paying (in part) for SD25's wedding, so there is still a small need to keep the lines open. I do it simply for amusement. 

Dirol Wouldn't that be something? FWR, I think Pinhead likes being on the receiving end of 'Ho's abuse. *wacko*

9) Ha! Right?

10) We'll wear red to the funeral, which we would attend out of love and respect for the kids.

11) Ew. That could be possible.

12) I'll make exlax brownies.

13) CS ended when SS22 turned 18!

14) ~snicker~


This is fun!

15) Spawn is preggers and Mr. Pinhead is the dad.... *bad*

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We attended when BM died to support the kids, at their request.  I stayed in back, low key, but just had to walk up once and look into the casket to make SURE she was really and finally dead.  Lol.

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just had to walk up once and look into the casket to make SURE she was really and finally dead

JRI, exactly!

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Dirol Since SD25 is letting her mother do all of the wedding plans, BioHo has decided everyone will wear matching orange Hawaiian print shirts with flamingo pink bermuda shorts for the rehearsal dinner photography session and she needs everyone to get their orders in now 

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Woman, there is coffee all over my keyboard and monitor. That is absolutely hilarious!!! And wouldn't THAT be an awesome combo for a Winter wedding? Oh, and we all have to wear mismatched flip flops! *lol*

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There is a button that said Delete.  Delete all of the voicemails. So you have room on your phone.  Unfortunately there no disengage button 

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Oh, Harry. Here we go again. Reading comprehension is your friend. We KNOW how to delete voicemails. We CHOOSE to NOT delete them because we do not want room on our phones for people to leave voicemails. Please go back and reread the paragraph starting with "DH loathes voicemail messages."

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It MUST be about money. Bio-Ho wants dh to chip in for something.

*How DARE he avoid her calls Wink


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It's always about money or one of the skids not doing what 'Ho wants or she wants something that will save her money.

Right?! And how DARE he sleep!!!

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I bet everyone is letting her go to VM and she is calling because she is soooo worried about everyone.

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She is a wacko and is acting like a crazy stalker ex. 

Oops, that is exactly what she is so she is just acting like her natural species.  No further speculation needed.  *diablo**dirol*

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Good one.  She is unnatural.

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If all the kids are 18+, why don't you and DH just block the 'Ho? Is there anything that he still HAS to communicate with her about?

This is also for my own future knowledge, we both plan to block BM from all communications the second SS is 18.

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Not a dumb question. 

I don't block 'Ho because it amuses me. DH hasn't blocked 'Ho because a) 'Ho has taken over SD25's wedding and DH is paying ofr part of it so some communication is necessary; (2) SS18 is under DH's insurance, living in the 'Ho House, and there is still a need to communicate over this and that, albeit rarely; and lastly, if anything happens to SS18 and 'Ho is called, DH {and I} want to know. 

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Is Ho trying to get you guys to play trivia again? She might come a'knocking on your door. Tell your DH to get that basket ready....... 

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Update: DH turned off his phone last night. It's still off (he's sleeping). 

Mine is on on, but no 'Ho calls today - the last was around 7pm last night. 

Should I call her back? *diablo*





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Just for shits and giggles you should get a friend to set your voicemail message "hi, sorry I can't answer the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you shortly". Someone with a voice distinctly different to you or DH. Let Ho ponder if she got the right number 

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Oooooooh, I like that! I want Kelly Macdonald or Rose Leslie for mine. Ewan McGregor or Jean Reno for DH. *yahoo*