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My Guess is as Good as Any, I Guess

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So any moment now, SD16almost17 Power Sulk is supposed to slink through the door after 2 1/2 months of no visitation (currently supposed to week on week off).

What I think is the reason (all made up in my mind, knowing how she works by now and knowing Feral Forger SD24 was recently in the hospital):

1. To get her stuff, because after she turns 17 this weekend, she will want to make it somewhat official, that she wants to live with her momma and not her poppa full time. Shes got 2 new bass, an acoustic and ukelele plus scads of clothes and some personal items. I think this might just be her long goodbye...

2. SD24 Feral Forger has slunk herself back in there with momma and taken over and she wants to move back in with us full time...because there is drama I havent heard about.

3. She wants to have some Dad time, and Clove time because she misses us (LOLOLOLOLOLOL)

4. Its her birthday weekend and shes hoping for some presents on our side (Dad, Me, My Parents, Dads family) and that means money to buy things...

5. Just wants to do some visitation time, so its not like shes dissing her dad, and just in case wants to keep the room "hers" until she decides and its final. Just kind of wants to keep things open over here and stay in both...for whatever reason.

6. Toxic Troll has a new or current f-buddy and wants "alone time", either traveling or hosting at the apartment for memorial weekend shenanigans.

7. Have no freaking clue!!!


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Birthday loot + keeping in touch.

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#4 is at the top of my prediction

With a combination of #1 -- birthday items and some items will return to the beach with her

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In that order. 

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5 is my first guess, 4 is probably wrapped up in there though for it to be this weekend in particular. 

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#1 to #6 is where you nailed it.

You have her number by now, so you do have a clue, you know her game.

Stay disengaged cause you know these shitty SD's have cycles. Be nice means they want something. Then the drama starts all over again.


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The harpy squad is getting their harpy on and the young one is being pushed to the side.