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Feral Forger SD23 and the Big (non) Ask

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The saga continues with a text from Toxic Troll to Husband:

"you can use your truck to pick Feral Forger up and bring her stuff with her to my place. She is your CHILD"...(of course she likes to add that...)

Husband: no response.

We actually had a few conversations about this.

1. First off, WHY is Toxic Troll telling MY husband what "he can do". Hes no longer her husband. She is no longer his wife.

2. WHY is Toxic Troll interceding for Feral Forger? Shes an adult, she can do the Big Ask on her own. * Reminder - SD23 Feral Forger doesnt drive has no license and no car and is over 3 hours away one-way. She needs to let Feral Forgers relationship with her father alone.

3. Feral Forger made her decision to move far away in northland, and she made her adult decision to leave a cushy situation (crashing on Toxic trolls couch at her knarly apartment being a free-gan who everyone supports because she surrounds herself with enablers.) 
Feral Forger can deal with the repercussions her own self. Why does Dad have to swoop in, pay $300 for gas, and give up the weekend to enable her to NOT deal with repercussions, NOT adult and get a job, NOT adult and get her drivers license. This just underlines the fact that Toxic Troll is responsible for creating that enablement to the point of disablement.

UGH. It just NEVER ends.


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No response is the only response for something like this! Lordy... it really never does end, does it?

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It will never ever ever end...Toxic BM's will always try to stay relevant, no matter HOW long theyve been irrelevant.

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Yep she's definitely old enough that this text isn't necessary or level of planning between the parents. I guess just ignore and do what you what normally do without BMs "involvement" 

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Passive agressive jab eh? Guilt trip, but why though. We will just never understand that level of crazy! 

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So she is trying to manipulate him into doing something, and will take any and every opportunity to jab at him about what his responsibilities are as a father. Forget about the fact that this is Feral Forger we are talking about, and she only contacts her father when she wants money and hasnt really seemed interested in an actual RELATIONSHIP. And hed be stuck with that for 6 plus hours...

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Over three hours north? Please, please tell me she's not in my area!!

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so much joy...

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No response.  And if FF asks herself, say sorry nope.  She made her bed so she needs to lie in it. 

I can't believe she still doesn't drive SMH.

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Who cares what she says. She talks shit 

BM here told skids and told anyone who'd listen that DH abandoned his family and doesn't care about them because created a new family. Skids were in their 20s and living on their own at the time of their divorce. And one SD already had her own child. Ha. "Abandoned his family". She was especially pissed when she found out that I have a child and supposedly DH doesn't care for his  kids anymore, only about my kid. Lol lol  "my child" was a married woman already when I've met DH. Lol 

ignore the ho. Your DH has no legal obligations here and can do whatever he wants with OSD, help or not help. BM can shove it 


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We heard a lot about my husband's "other family." I always wanted to ask his (adult) daughter if it was okay if he sat in the car in the driveway while my kids visited.

This with her mother should always be considered in any decision he made because they had three kids together.

Eventually my DH was excommunicated for his sins. If it wasn't for the gkids I would have done cartwheels.

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I wonder what occurred in Feral's situation to bring this about.

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FF 'lost' her job.  Probably because she couldn't show up since she doesn't drive!

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BOTH surmrised that t[here is a STRONG probability that Feral Forger was fired for stealing.

Her history preceeds her. It must have been a small enough amount not to put her in jail, however...but who knows, her non-driving status could have been the culprit.

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Then for her to travel 6 hours to help with the move.  She is letting her fingers do her work 

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Yes, she will always do texting but never pick up phone when Husband calls.

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TT is delusional.  She has zero control over your DH and .... FF is DH's ADULT daughter and is no longer a child. DH's nor any other adults child.  Daughter yes, child no.

FF has made her own bed, and it is far past time for her to lie in it.