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Eviction Take 2. Good news or?

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Well, here I was thinking my step sitch cant get any worse, and Husband texted me he found out this morning that Toxic Troll BM got a 30-day eviction notice.

That means Feral Forger SD23 will be evicted too.

Good: (not for us) Feral Forger will be on the loose? Or weasel her way into new place. She def wont come to us after her major spewage about how I am horrible. Its all open now how she feels, and no more bridges, theyve all been burned to the ground.

Not good: Toxic Troll has been thinking of moving. And now is looking at places a few towns over towards the coast. Which is where I wanted to eventually live. SO that means Toxic Troll set loose in my community. Spewing her toxic sludge. And now with eveiction its a certainty. Unless she does what she threatens to do, file for full custody and move east.

So. Yeah, warning, do not tell yourself "it cant get any worse".


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How does she find places to lease to her ehen she hads evictions? I never understood this. 

Anyway, with sd so far away, maybe she will be around less frequently - win for you.


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At how many landlords don't screen thoroughly which always costs them money in the long run.   I do and get chastised for it by incredulous applicants.  I had one who immediately said to me "i REFUSE to jump through these hoops!"   Too bad.  

In this day of eviction moratoriums, which no sane property owner wants to do an eviction, they are stressful and EXPENSIVE particularly on the coastal regions, you can't be too careful. 

Evictions are the last resort when tenants  make it clear they will not pay rent nor follow the safety rules/ become a nuisance to other residents.

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What do you think the likelihood of her filing for full custody and moving east is?  That would be your dream scenario, right?  Would your DH let her go and take the Backstabber? 

Are there a lot of landlords in the area where you eventually want to live who will be wanting to lease to TT with her rental/eviction history?  I don't think I'd worry about her moving there, because by the time you were ready to move, TT could have been evicted three more times.

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WTH can she go in the middle of this housing crisis? Doesn't it get more expensive closer to the coast?

I know it's hard, but try not to think about it. Her drama doen't have to be your drama

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Because then I get to live with a sad husband who gets resentful and lashes out.

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Going  to let you live in peace. She not moving. She will lose that control over craziness 

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Who took advantage of the moratoriums and stopped paying rent when they didn't lose income are now being jettisoned.  Sounds like TT may have been one of them. 

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apparently Feral Forger SD23 is still stealing.