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Weirdo BM strikes again

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Just vending here more than anything.  Me and DH are taking a trip alone to Mexico.  Now the BM who sees her kid maybe once a month is texting her daughter all sorts of links on how dangerous it is to go to Mexico. UMMM why is she even involved.  I am sorry it just feels so intusive to me.  The best part is she isn't even watching the kid while we are away... her adult brother will be at our house watching her.  Just why- I don't get it.  I would never do such bizarre stuff.  

I know that her involvement years after the divorce is strange (ie inviting his mom over etc) and I know she's so twisted that in some way she still wants to be "married" to him... but my God... close to a decade later. 

I told my DH that she can text her daughter "concerned" about where you are going but not me!  Enuff already 

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Yes and yes to everything. Wanting to be so intrusive and wanting to get with dh nearly a decade later. On our honeymoon a few years back she said texted dh is how dangerous it is to go on our cruise to the Bahamas. Go away! And now saying how we should discipline SS. I don't get why they're so strange. Comes off as they have no life other than trying to make others miserable with them. Too bad! Yea if the daughter isn't going it's none of BM concern so weird to even have input on it. Just sharing I know what you mean

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Thanks for letting me know this happened to you!  I was actually a bit stunned by this!  I did tell my stepdaughter that her mother shouldn't be texing her those things since she isn't going!  I'm in AWE!  Like who does this crap! 


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Mine.... well the BM still thinks she's entitled to send DH bizzaro texts about the "kids" 35 years after their divorce. Their youngest son together is turning 40! The most recent was December demanding that we show our faces at the thanksgiving dinner one of them was hosting. Sorry wackadoo we already have plans and oh we weren't invited!' she also gave her input when we got engaged about the kind of property we should buy and build on "for the benefit of the family" uhmmm the family dividec long ago lady. there's tons more where she attempted to insert herself over the last 8 years. DH has gotten better at not responding but he's still enmeshed with "the children " 

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OMG! My DH ex-wife does the same thing. She sends him texts ever so often about their Adult kids its nerve wrecking. The last incident where she manipulated my SS into letting her into our home and texting my DH to let him know was the last straw for me. She knew she would be on my cameras and intentionally lied about the reason she needed to come into our home.  He blocked her after that. Both of their kids are grown adults and she still text my husband about them like they are little. I know its just to keep communication lines open but I had to tell my DH he needed to check her and block her. She's Bipolar so I dont know if this will stop it. 

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Into our new home too! "Needed to use the bathroom" we had only been married about a year and I didn't realize how dysfunctional they all were, it took about another year for that LOL 

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BM used our dying dog (was never BMs to clarify) to get SD to let her into our house!! She was on camera and then claimed she wasn't!! I blogged about this one.. when I noticed the next day I thought my head was going to spin off haha! 

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This one had the nerve to walk into my garage once.. sorry but I am big on boundries... I would never have walked into my exes house without asking... why what's the point..  I guess we can be glad to not be that pathetic 

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I mean honeslty why keep it open... what's the point.. why can't we all just move on w/ our lives and not bother exes~!

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Though there has been zero reach out from the Spermidiot to my DW in decades, he did it a few times when SS was still under the CO, and a few attempts to ask SS if DW still loved the Spermidiot after SS aged out from under the CO.

"Does your mom still love me?" 

All met with either my DW laughing directly at the spermidiot, or my son laughing at him.

Not only the dipshitiot. SpermGrandHag also dumped some of that stench on my Skid. She was all woeful that DW was the only decent mother that the dipshitiot had a kid with, how she wished DW was the mother of all of her dirtbag serial statutory rapist son's  4 out of wedock children.  

My son laughed in her face too and pointed out that if she and SpermGrandPa had not raised the dipshitiot to be a POS then my son's three younger half sibs would likely not be either on the dole, in prison, or on the way to prison.

Pathetic POS people for some reason do not recognize that they are ... shit. 


Those that made a mistake with the shit... and move on... are the life long thorn in the side of the shit people.The best revenge is to live the best life possible and let the regrets consume the shit  people for the rest of their lives.  Add more torture on top of living your best life after the end of the horror show of the relationship with the shit person.... by raising the children had with the shit person to be outstanding people. Whatever it takes.Take the kids away from the shit, not necessarily physically, take them away by showing the kids what the shit really is... and giving the kids a future not requiring them to become shit themselves.

IMHO of course.

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I agree-- This is really the truth and great advice


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I could see her doing it if her daughter was older.. and was talking to her about wanting to go to MX... (and yes.. there are risks.. some places are worse than others.. not too unlike every country.. though in MX.. it has been heightened many places) and she was trying to give HER(SD) reasons not to go.

But.. it's kind of idiotic to be burdening the poor kid.. who already is dealing with fragile mental health issues by worrying her that her dad is going to go of to MX and be abducted.. killed.. or something horrible!

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I agree the kid is already nervous about the whole thing.  Her actions are not only bizarre but also selfish... I'm stunned.  The fact she won't even have her during this time agravates me more.... I guess we cannot control other ppl.. but for crying out loud.  Maybe if she had a job she wouldn't have so much time on her hands. 


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Maybe she is just scared that you guys are going to get killed and she's going to have to step in and be the primary parent!

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Relevant.   What ever that means.  As in BM knows best in her mind.  Best of all she can sit in that big comfortable chair and text 

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Thank you for all these comments!  At first I was thinking why is this aggravating me so much!  Personally I do not contact my ex husband for anything my son is grown and I barely did when he was little.  I agree she needs to be relevant .... I am in awe the way some women behave honestly YEARS later.  

DH found out that his mom was at her house for the daughter's "Bday party" which she does maybe every other year and it's causing a rift again. I used to get aggraved about it..not anymore... not my circus not my monkeys... the BM not accepting what is... I think it's sad and not healthy at all. I know it makes me sound nutty but I think she wants to feel as if she is still married to him. That's why she's all over his family.... our vacations... etc Sad




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Would text Husband stuff like "are you cumming over lol", and other kinda almost sexy stuff, until one night I saw one and went ballistic and he told her that was inappropriate. She still likes to over share about boyfriends and all that, but after 10 years shes quieted down a LOT.

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We get grief from SD and BM everytime we go away, I think it's jealousy. Ignore her and enjoy your holiday.