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The last 2 weeks...

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All has been somewhat quiet the last couple of weeks.  DH never changed his hours and ss14 did finally go an hour north to move in with BM.  DH unenrolled ss from school on 2/14.  SS14 stayed with his grandparents here the rest of the week and went to BM's that weekend.  SS14 is now supposed to be on an EOWE rotation with DH in which DH will stay with his parents while visiting.  This makes me happy because I keep ds7 and I dont worry about ss14 coming here or ds7 going there unsupervised.  I went out with my sister, my dd20 and an old friend last week.  OMG it was so fun!  I will definatly have to do that again!

Today, DH comes in and asks where ss14's birth certificate was.  I couldnt understand why he wanted the birth was such a random request from him.  Turns out, BM still has not enrolled ss14 in school and desperatly needs it to enroll him.  The kid has now missed 25 days of school this year (unexcused).  The kid already failed Kindy and now he is going to fail 8th grade.  This kid is totally going to age out of school instead of graduating.  I know where all the kid's BC are and can easily find it.  BUt, I do remember the aggravation of getting that BC and SS entire day of vital records office because BM refused to get a copy for DH.  I am tempted to suddenly not being able to find it for them.  I know it is petty.  Way petty.  I dont care.  I will have to think on this for a while.  What would you do?

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I'd get it and tell yourself, "Done".

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Give him the BC.. there is no point to prove.. nothing to be gained.. just makes you as much of a problem as they have been honestly.  You "won".. the kid has moved out.. I think you need to be a gracious winner here.

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thanks.  i'm not typically someone that "neener neener" someone...but i'm really feeling petty today.  Sad

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She's not the problem here....

Isn't that the kid who exposed himself/inappropriately touched her son???

And you're lumping her in the same category?

"Just as much of a problem"

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Probably not the best choice of words.. I meant in the "stoop to their level" kind of way.. of her DH not caring about it.. and the aggravation she went through to get things. 

Obv.. what happened to her child wasn't acceptable.. 

But.. the goal is to have the kid gone.. wanting to punish and be petty isn't going to help that stay happening.

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Yeah but she's only human....I reckon 99 percent of us would have a least a fleeting feeling of "pettiness".

I'm not bagging her for it, after what she's been through.

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Give her the birth certificate and fast so she can enroll him before she flakes and changes her mind. Get him as entrenched as possible over at BMs so he doesn't come back to you full-time. 

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The best thing to do is support him being away.

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I get it. Wanting to be petty. Been there. Best to "think" it but don't act on it. Always remember. YOU are the better person. And as someone said, you don't want to give BM an opportunity to change her mind. 

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Give them the birth certificate! Get that kid as established with BM as possible so he doesn't darken your door again.