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Yay, drama and stress! :(

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Well. As it turns out, GUBM unenrolled SD from school.

SO called her school five minutes ago, the woman he spoke to said she's no longer enrolled there and is pulling records to let him know when this happened.

The shit is going to hit the fan big time.


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I knew it . .I've been following your blogs and I just knew it. This woman is crazy!

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She is SOOOOOO crazy!! We both kind of knew it, too, but, it's always shocking when you get confirmation that someone is as crazy as you anticipated.

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Somewhere in backwoods NJ with GUBM. SO knows where they live, so, if he felt so inclined, he could take the six hour drive to go get his kid (not that I want him to at this point since SD lied to him blatantly and I don't want a liar living in my house).

And, yea, she unenrolled her from school, SO sent them both text messages calling them out. He's pissed off at both of them.

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Oh, yes, NJ has the pine barrens, completely backwoods. They live in that area, on a long dirt road with maybe three other houses and nothing but trees and wildlife for miles.

We think that she's trying to homeschool her now (which I'd love to see her do given that they don't have internet at their house and GUBM is dumber than a bag of bricks), because that's what SD mentioned to SO last week. GUBM's totally off her rocker...she fried most of her functioning brain cells that she had through her years of coke and alcohol addiction. She still has enough to be cunning and manipulative, though.

However, she doesn't think her actions through at all, because she is your typical impulsive and selfish addict.

And, according to SO, what she's failing to account for is that while they don't have any formal CO that could give SO the power to prevent her from doing this without his consent, they also don't have any formal CS that forces him to pay her every month. So, he's going to be taking that money and putting it in a private bank account for safe keeping in case she takes him to court (that way he can write her a check for the back support if he's ever ordered to do so).

He told her that he's not sending her anymore money and that if she wants it, she has to take him to court. At which point, he will be directing the judge to all of GUBM's actions over the last two months; ripping SD out of her old school and moving her to a new town/district, ripping her out of that school two months later, and anything else she pulls from here on out. He's been documenting all of this the best that he can, refusing to answer GUBM's phone calls, only talking to her through text and saving all of their texts to each other.

What surprised me the most, though, is he said he's done being nice to SD. He knows GUBM is the source of all this asshat behavior from SD, but, he's finally recognized 100% that SD is old enough to be held accountable for her own actions. It hurts him that he has to do this, but, according to SO, she made her choice in lying to him and treating him like a piece of garbage, so, now she has to live with that choice, too.

I know SO had low self esteem when he started dating GUBM, but, damn, seriously? You think you're that bad off that you need someone like that? Blech.

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That's all my brain keeps saying, too. "holy hell". Yesterday, life was pretty normal. Today, total upheaval and chaos.

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Oh wow...very familiar with the Pine Barrens. They can be pretty scary at times, but beautiful scenery. Totally different world. Maybe the Jersey Devil will eat GUBM. }:)

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You never know....why did they move there? It sounds like they are in one of the really isolated parts.

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GUBM just had to move there because her friend was renting the house and had a year-long lease, but, lost their job due to hurricane sandy and needed someone to take over the last 11 months of their lease, and it was just SUCH an awesome opportunity that they just couldn't pass up. :sick:

Basically, her lease at her current place was not going to be renewed, she found an opportunity, acted impulsively and didn't think it all through. Because now she's talking about moving BACK to the town they were in to live in her brother's house after he moves out.

Losers, all of them.

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Yes, because bringing your daughter to the middle of nowhere is such a great idea. And then taking her out of school is just so much better.

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Isn't it though? She's such a selfless picture of motherhood. *sigh* If only we could all be as awesome as she is. Because why would her daughter benefit from living with her parent who maintains a comfortable middle-class lifestyle when she can live in the middle of nowhere and grow dumber by the second?

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It's a shame, because your SD is not going to have much interaction with the outside world. Other than GUBM and her family and friends. I don't even want to know about her family and friends. I live pretty close to the Barrens, and years ago, I got lost in them when I took a major wrong turn because I have no sense of direction. It was scary. It is so desolate in some places. Your SD needs to be in school, but I guess your BM is like our BM-they know everything and we are all stupid asses (quoting my BM). Blech.

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See, the thing that kills me about GUBM pulling her out is that she did so because SD was miserable in school. Mind you, SD was in a different school and district in December before GUBM got the bug up her ass to move into the pine barrens area. And, SD wanted to come live with us at that point, but, both GUBM and GUBM's mom gave SD hell over wanting to "run away" from her problems. But, SD was forced to change school districts and hated it, so, what does GUBM do? Pulls SD out of school and shows her that it's OK to run away from her problems.

And oh, lord, her family and friends are probably all that you imagine them to be. Hell, I could write an entire post on the insanity and depravity of that which is GUBM's family. Haha.

All I know is that whatever wild critters are running around the pine barrens would be doing the world a favor if they were to attack and kill GUBM.