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BM cares about covid, just in time for Christmas

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DH's Christmas time with skids is supposed to start tomorrow evening and go through the 27th. For those not familiar with my story, DH fought for years to get the full Christmas Eve / Christmas Day holiday every other year and finally got it by offering BM more CS. BM took the additional money and then immediately told DH she had no intention of following the holiday schedule. She has tried to fight him every year to have skids on Christmas Eve since her family "only" celebrates Christmas Eve. DH's family typically celebrates Christmas Eve as well, but that's another story. 

So, today, BM sends DH a text that she sent him an "important message" via OFW. Her message is that she has a "slight fever and sore throat" and because we have young children she will test tomorrow and let him know if skids are coming. This is the same woman who refused to have skids test before coming to our home, who traveled to a covid hot spot in the height of pre-vaccine covid (when home tests were not available) returning four days before our DD was born and then insisting that SSs be allowed to come to our home when she was two days old, who sent one skid to our home with covid (he asked DH for a test less than 10 hours after arriving at our house), has repeatedly send skids to our home sick in the last few months, has attended events where there have been outbreaks and then sent skids to our house, told DH that her health info was none of her business...and on and on and on...but somehow, right before Christmas Eve, she is "concerned" about the health of my children?

Why do I think this is her way of securing Christmas Eve this year...


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Have a motto:  "whatever it takes to get my way. "

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Not sure if DH called SS or SS called DH, but they are coming to our home. SS basically said BM was full of it because she said she had a sore throat and then talked about SSs seeing her parents for Christmas Eve.

There have been no further communications from BM about her possible Covid case.

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Glad to hear you'll all be together for Christmas Eve and day! Hope it's wonderful!

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Thanksgiving is DH's favorite holiday, and our CO alternates holidays. In 2020, BM, who ignored all protocols, suddenly was exposed the week of Thanksgiving and SS was quarantined with her. It being early in the pandemic at the time, SS stayed with her, even if it was DH's custodial time. Late on Thanksgiving, she offered that DH could pick up SS because he wasn't directly exposed.  

Since then, she's tried to pull this a couple more times, but we no longer decline the time, we have just quarantined him here. The one time he did get it, he was with us and she wanted him back at the end of DH's parenting time and then took him out to a party while he was still testing positive. 

I swear that Covid is like the best new tool for the insane BM toolkit!