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Question regarding kids allergies and pets

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SS has had a "dry cough" for two weeks with no other real symptoms. The only other thing he does is "clears his throat" but he has done that for years and i always thought it was more of a nervous habit.  Otherwise he has been healthy and acting normal. No one else is sick in the family and he has not been sick in months. We have 2 cats that have lived with us for 3 years and a dog that we got last winter that have never been a issue for him. I know nothing about allergies as i don't have any so hoping someone on her could help me out. I understand kids can develop allergies where they did not have any before so im hoping SS has not become allergic to one or more of our pets over the years. My main question is how long after you remove yourself(SS) from the source(cats) that your allergic to do your symptoms(cough) go away? The reason I'm asking this is SS is only with us half the time then he goes back to his mothers house where there is NO cats and SS still has the cough. SS gets a break from the cats for 3 full days and still no improvement with the cough. BM does have a small dog but its been with her before SS was born and never a problem. Yes BM is bringing SS to the DR next week but in the mean time I'm stressed out as my mother left me the cats when she passed away and I would not want to have to get rid of them unless I had to.

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Based on the timing of the year, I'm going to guess it's probably seasonal allergies Smile So get him on some pills and some benedryl. I can't be 100% accurate (obviously) but if you didn't have issues prior, i don't think the allergies would just pop up out of nowhere.

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Don't worry!

ProbablyAlready is correct that seasonal allergies start long before trees and flowers even bloom, so, 'tis the season for most of us! If it's allergies at all, it's the pollen and grasses causing recent onset of a cough.

Some people who have seasonal allergies that are acting up will have reactions to things that don't bother them when their seasonal allergies are "at rest." For example, when my seasonal allergies are awful, I mind sleeping on down pillows and foods like pineapple will give me hives. In winter, I will only have a very mild reaction to pineapple and I have no problems with down. So at the worst, it's the other stuff causing the problem and your cats might not be helping.

I use generic Flonase and it's a lifesaver for me this time of year. When I was a kid, I couldn't even go outside from April through early July. That stuff is a miracle. So get your SS to the doctor, hear what the doctor says (she'll likely order allergy tests if she's proactive) and try Flonase. But don't worry - your kitties are safe as long as you can blame the pollen!


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Have dh call ss's pediatrician and ask for the boy to be tested for allergies. Most insuraces will cover. THEN proper treatment can be dicussed.

Now the sarcastic side of me: Let me guess BM is screaming the child is allergic to dogs AND cats AND dust in your home. She has stopped visits AND calls.  BUT you saw on fb bm just bought a dog  and it sleeps on ss bed every night.

Based on true stories  I have heard.

Get the boy tested.

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Ding Ding we have a winner! Yep SS came over and told us BM is telling him its "our cats" that is causing his problems. Like I said SS spent three days with BM and away from the cats and had the same cough so don't see how she can think its the cats. Plus school there is no animals and he has the same problem. I'm thinking its seasonal Allergies or asthma BUT that's not going to stop BM in trying to blame the cats buying saying they are making it worse. As far as "options" BM will not go for meds she will be pushing to get rid of the cats.

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BM wants to get rid of YOUR no.  Don't let her dictate how things go in YOUR home.  Skid can just stay away from the cats and spend more time outside also his room can be a cat free zone.  

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Sounds like Asthma to me but be forewarned I had a similar situation come up with SK's. SK developed a cough and BM ran her to the DR and came screaming back at us it was Asthma and the Dr said my dog was making it worse and we had to get rid of my dog. Well when it comes to my animals I make a stink and I stood my ground and forced BF to contact the DR. Turns out yes SK has Asthma and the DR did say it could be made worse by the dog BUT that was after BM practically forced him to agree with her about it and put those words in his mouth. BM also forgot to mention to the DR SK smokes which in my opinion worse for asthma that a dog. So if your BM is anything like my BM and she knows those cats are yours be ready for her to try and manipulate the DR into siding with her to get rid of your cats.