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Question regarding allergies

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SS has been diagnosed with seasonal allergies and takes over the counter meds during spring and summer. He also had asthma as a baby but that seems resolved.  This kid seems to be always sick with cold like symptoms that come and go throughout the year. The worst symptom I would say is the hacking cough that seems to last for weeks. He will occasially miss school but for the most part is not that sick except for the lingering cough. Here is my question. BM besides being an overprotective hypochondriac is a full on controlling B-tch. Two years ago we found a mom cat and her two babies and decided to keep them. BM HATES cats and thinks they are disgusting. Where I'm going with this is if BM could some how blaime SS's coughing/allergies on our cats she would just to make us get rid of them because well she is a b-tch. This being said is anyone familiar with cat allergies? From what I read its more of watering eyes than coughing. I just want to be ready and educated if or when BM trys to come after us about our cats.

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I have a SIL who is deathly allergic to cats. There is no sneezing or watery eyes. It becomes more and more difficult for her to breathe. She describes it as feeling like a huge weight is pressing down on her chest harder and harder while her throat feels like it is closing off.

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Because if he's not been, there's nothing to complain about.

And there are a million reasons that a kid is sickly with a hacking cough.  My skids are *always* sick with something because it gets them attention from their mother.  Be thankful that she has him on antihistamines at least part of the year.

If I were you, I would suggest to your DH that skid stays on medicine throughout the year to see if it would help his coughing and general sickliness.

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She would have to get allergy testing done and be able to prove that the cats are the cause of his issues. The fact that he's already on medication and this is a long lasting issue should make that impossible.

I personally am allergic to all animal dander BUT I refuse to go without pets. I'm lucky I can build up a tolarance and we keep the home clean enough it's not a big issure but if I go stay somewhere with an animal I'm not use to I will have issues. Itchy eyes, nose, and throat. I've had my throat try to close up once but benadryl stopped it. If I get scratched at all the marks raise up really bad and are itchy too.

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It could be an allergy to dust mites.  He really needs to be tested to be sure.  I was tested a year ago after decades of suffering.  Cats and dogs are on the list of many types of allergies tested.  Its one or two vials of blood depending on panal.  All these years dust mites were my problem.  So helpful to know how to treat it and what to avoid.  

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Say if SS is allergic to cats how long after he is removed from the house would his symptoms would improve? SS goes to school and back to BM's where there are no cats but the cough continues.

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It depends of the severity of said allergy AND if he continues to be exposed to cat hair/dander on his clothing and personal items.

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Is that they overstimulate your system and produce an immune reponse (extra snot, coughing, swelling in the respiratory tract).  The level of allergy and the level of exposure are variable.

When I'm exposed to something that triggers my allergies, I sometimes actually have to shower it off.  But I'm also medicated 365 days a year after extensive testing and several years of immunotherapy.

Best course of action is to have the kiddo tested.

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As other's said, there are a lot of factors..including the level of sensitivity.. and other potential allergens.

Your best defense is a good offense.  Your DH needs to have the boy allergy tested and the DOCTOR (not BM) can make recommendations as to whether SS can reside in a home with an animal.. or exposure to whatever allergens he also might be sensitive to.

If SS has already been tested and BM is claiming that the Doctor is telling them that he can't be around a cat.. then your DH gets an appointment with the DR for a face to face discussion about the allergies and what precautions have to be taken.  Hopefully it won't come to the point where it is shown that your SS is overly allergic.. because if there is a health issue.. it is possible BM could petition in some way for the pets to go when your SS is there..

Again, without his specific medical information.. it's all a guess.  Worst case.. yes, the doctor could recommend you get rid of animals.  Best case.. he isn't allergic at all and it's just other things like dust that are getting him.


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If I had a kid with allergies, I would get the kid tested STAT.  Then decide what to do.  

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Hacking cough makes me think uncontrolled asthma, not allergies. Or, it's uncontrolled asthma (constricted airways) mixed with allergies/mucus in his lungs.

He likely needs to be seen by his doctor to determine next steps, such as pulmonary and allergy testing. Coughing in a kid with a history of asthma should be taken seriously.

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And having cats rub against him or he sits on furniture with cat hair and he gets itchy and major red rash and he gets eye bags all red and puffy... we are in the process of rehoming our cats as he’s getting more allergic

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I'd have him see a doc about that cough (as in yesterday) - it must be exhausting for the poor kid. If it isn't asthma, then allergy testing would be in order. The bad part of that is that he has to be off his allergy meds to get it done ... or nothing will show up (been there, done that...). Fingers crossed that it's just his meds need adjusting.

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I see that others have recommended him getting allergy tests done as well. The second thing I will suggest is having an immunology report done. My son was always sick. He had several seizures due to fevers that would last almost an hour (which is rare). It was really scary and overwhelming ALL THE TIME. Our doctor finally sent him to an allergist and immunologist. Turned out that none of his vaccinations had been effective. Even though he had all of his shots, it was like he was an un-immunized child. There was a regimine done, and he had to get the pneumovax 23 shot. But once we figured out what was going on, it was all resolved within 6 months. He does have to have bood testing done every 5 years to make sure he is still good. He is 13 now and we haven't had issues since he was 3-4. 

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I’m so happy I found this site. Reading some of the Comments about how severe some peoples reaction is to cat is scary. I wanted to say SS never got a rash/reaction  from being Scratched or never had trouble breathing or feeling like his Throat is closing up. It’s mainly the cough and clearing of his throat. He’s been like this off and on for over a year. 

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When we moved to a new state, I developed a lingering hacking cough that would get better with steroid shots but would come back in a few months.  I got allergy tested and found out I was allergic to trees, weeds, grass (in our area) and cats in general.  I am now on allergic shots and medication.  However, there are times when I exercise or exert myself, I have exercise induced asthma caused by irritation of respiratory system from my allergies.  So it is possible your step is allergic to something that keeps his respiratory system everyone’s suggestion of allergy testing would be a great place to start.  Might be cats or something else.  

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SD is allergic to animals, we know because we had her tested.  BM had animals at her house, and it took days for the coughing and wheezing to go away after SD's being there.  DH took SD to a pulminologist who said SD could die of an asthma attack from exposure to animals.  He ordered the animals be removed immediately.  BM refused and was found guilty of medical neglect.  It was a profound selfishness and lack of empathy on her part to expose SD to such a level of suffering.  Now that SD is not around animals anymore, if she visits a friend with one, she can't stand it.  BM told SD we were being "mean", but she knows better now.  Last summer, a 10 yo camper at SD's summer camp was running, and he collapsed and died, right in front of everyone, because of asthma.

If SS has allergies, I'd bet my whole paycheck he is allergic to animals.  And if he has a history of asthma, you are being selfish.


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My son had pretty bad seasonal allergies that were solved with what are now OTC allergy drugs. It wasn't until he was seven that the allergy test actually showed anything. And, we have cats, plural, and have had since he was three.

That cough/cold thing where he has no fever and really nothing else other than maybe fatigue could be a sinus infection (my son was prone to those with his nasal passages being aggravated), or it's just part of the allergy. Even when they aren't in full-on allergy mode it could be post-nasal drop causing throat irritation.

The other thing is that it could be coming from the other direction and he has some reflux up into his throat when he's sleeping and it's irritating the lining. If the allergy meds are not making it go away, try some Gaviscon before bed to see if that helps.

Definitely do the allergy testing.

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I personally am allergic to cats, i get itchy water eyes, sneeze my head off, cough, have trouble breating... it could very well be he's allergic ti the cats,  many people are

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pretty much all grass with pods at the top that have pollen make my skin look like swollen scratches from being scratched by a cat. I often get flare ups of coughing/phlegm feeling, also sinusitis triggered by the hayfever allergies.

there have been some moments where i am not doing anything strenuous but i get up and my head is spinning or i am starting to black out. Its not iron deficiency or lack of sleep or a headache, its just my allergy flare ups especially where i live its a heavily polluted country as lots of traffic and the heat seems to make pollen count high and i mostly stay indoors at home during the week with our kids

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Anyone who does not have severe allergies can’t understand  how horrible they are and how miserable they can make life.

As a child I was deathly allergic to cats and dogs and a number of environmental allergens.  So much so that I was a patient at the Denver Childhood Asthma center.   After dozens of trips to the ER for adrenaline injections and courses of allergy tests we had to rehome my dog.

My GP’s home was a death trap for me.  They refused to get rid of their pets and would not waterproof the moldy basement that kept their home a toxic mold hell.  It was not a matter of money.  They just refused to recognize that their choices made their home intolerable for their own son and grandson.  

Dad and I would stay at hotels rather than my GP’s house.  If we didn’t we were both deathly ill after sleeping there for a single night.  They were eternally hurt and offended that we would not stay in their home but we really had no choice.

Get the kid tested and if necessary, rehome the cats.