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Now BM has covid and skids are coming over

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For anyone who read my blog about BM trying to use covid to keep skids on Christmas Eve, now BM has covid. She got it at a work trip last weekend. But skids still plan to come over because they tested negative two days ago. We only know this because surly skid sent DH a text saying, "we're all negative." When DH told them to bring masks, skid replied, "I'm not wearing a stupid mask!" Just love being a stepmom...hard to protect a newborn when others don't take health precautions seriously. 


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Absolutely NOT. Put your foot down. They can stay with BM.

"I'm not wearing a stupid mask!"???

What a little bastard!


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Despite the fact that BM got covid on a trip "last week", she is apparently going away this weekend. We know this because DH told skid not to come and he screamed and cried and said , "you're just using covid as a bullshit excuse not to see me because you hate me!" Well, if that's really how you feel skid, then by all means, stay home. Skid is almost 17 by the put the screaming and crying into context.

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Hypocrisy of how biomum was during xmas eve. You can't cherry pick when to follow isolation rules/requirements and when not to. If covid case was enough to can custody time during xmas eve from their household, then same applies now.

you have a newborn now who is a priority and who isn't as immune as others much older. Skid can chuck a tantrum all he wants, firmly put your foot down that if hubby wants custody time, its not at your marital home and he isolates the recommended period and tests negative 

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BM's hypocrisy knows no bounds. DH sent her a text and OFW message asking for details on when she tested positive, if she isolated from skids, when she tested response. She again makes it clear that she has no concern for the health of our young children and her message at Christmas was just a shameless attempt to manipulate...which continued over Christmas with her telling skids how "angry" her father was that they didn't see him on Christmas, telling skids they should try to come home on Christmas and then sending DH a message that he was violating the parenting plan if he sent them home on Christmas and claiming she was away (huh?)...even though she thought she "might" have covid 2 days earlier.

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DH called the other SS and he said he didn't feel comfortable coming because he didn't want to expose our kids. He probably also has plans, but I'll take it. A bit ironic since he used to be the one who caused drama on BM's behalf.

The other one (the one BM used to ignore, but he's now her pet since the former pet has found a girlfriend) continued to pitch a fit and DH kind of treated him like a baby ("sorry, buddy!"), but ultimately, he's not, I'll take that, too. 

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I read that as..."im not wearing a stupid mask", meaning theres a mask for!

Hes a big baby...

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Lol! If only there was a mask to keep his "stupid" from coming out...any almost 17 year old boy who has a crying, screaming fit over something deserves to wear a "stupid mask."

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Oh the drama! What a brat! Your baby is the priority. 17 is old enough to stay by himself. 

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No way would anyone who had been recently and KNOWINGLY exposed to CoVid would be allowed around me or my baby or anyone for that fact.    They need a test done 4-5 days after they've been no where near their sick mother. Hell, I found out I had been exposed 3 days after the fact and put myself in to quarantine until I was sure I was clear. And the minute I'd have tested positive, would have alerted everyone I'd been in contact with. 

Not wearing a stupid mask? Then keep your stupid azz home...actually, don't come at all, mask or not. SMH

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It really burns me up that she didn't have covid at Christmas, but sent a message about how she was maybe feeling sick and was so concerned for our young children that she thought skids should stay home...and then she has covid, but doesn't share any details. We don't even know when she had it. Skid just said she "got it on a work trip last week". Her office had their ski weekend on 1/6-1/8. Is that when she got it? In that case, it wouldn't have even been a week. Also, skid told DH he tested negative "2 days ago", when DH told him he needed to test right before coming over, he refused...and also refused to wear a mask. The real irony is that he screamed and cried that DH didn't want to see him, but when skid comes to our home, he barely interacts with DH...he'll sit on the couch and watch YouTube videos on his phone and periodically say something rude.

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Expose his/your infant, before the viral spawn arrives you take the baby and leave for a nice resort hotel until they leave and DH tests negative for 7 days after they leave.

Enjoy the lux social distancing.


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I had covid, likely the new variant and I didn't test positive until the 4th day. This new one hides better!

If they ARE coming test as soon as they walk in the door. You wear a mask and keep isolated as much as possible if it's a free for all. I'd be pissed.

DH and I found out BM had covid earlier this year, YSD came over later that week with not a word to us.

But as soon as DH had covid she goes running to BMs within 24 hrs because we are the problem.



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DH sent BM both a text and an OFW message asking for details on when she had covid, if she'd isolated from skids, when she supposedly tested negative and got nothing in response. This is the same woman who repeatedly says she has "no choice" but to call him on the phone (communication is supposed to be in writing only per their agreement) because he doesn't respond "in a timely manner" (i.e. within an hour) to her messages (most of which don't require a response. 

We also all got covid from this skid last winter because he showed up at our house feeling sick. I'm not taking any more chances with him until our baby is a bit older. And BM pitched a fit when our toddler had covid. She tested positive after skids were at our house, but we notified her and skids out of courtesy because it was 2 days after they'd been at our home. 

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I am currently in the throes of COVID and would barricade the door to stop them bringing infection your way. I feel utterly miserable but fortunately I am up to date with my vaccines - goodness knows how dreadful I'd feel if not.

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I'm sure it's coming for us eventually...half of my family got it after Christmas (we didn't attend). But, I'd rather manage my own risk than have BM or skids impose their lack of discretion on me. I barely leave the house (both due to risk and general postpartum exhaustion), so having skids bring their germs in is really annoying. We all got a cold after thanksgiving because MIL (who hosted) had a cold and didn't say anything beforehand...fortunately it was just a cold and not covid or flu or rsv.

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From my son from school as there were outbreaks going on and going by the timeline who tested +ve and fonally -ve etc. we held off as long as we could as i worried most about my son as he has severe allergies and dr advised pre covid that we needed to manage his symptoms early on as they could get very bad very quick.

we had a priority 1 ambulance for him just as covid outbreak came in australia as he caught a virus (not covid) that was circulating from school drop off and pick ups of his sister. I never want to be in that scary situation again with my husband working o/seas stuck with border closures etc.

turns out he had no symptoms but we also don't want to be around people knowingly spreading it without any care or concern for others

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She didn't tell DH when she tested positive, she just told him, "neither boy wants to come to your house anyway!" Ok, BM, they can stop coming. This is the same woman who told DH, "you can't change the schedule without my permission!" when he told skids two years ago that he knew they were getting older and would want to hang out with their friends, so if they wanted to skip a weekend that was okay.