Literally crazy!

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I truly feel like my husband's ex wife is certified crazy. The things she does is jaw dropping. She's obsessed with the children like....obsessed. She can't handle not speaking to them for more than a few hours. She has to be at every single game, doctor of dentist appointments that my husband takes them to even if it's just a routine cleaning. She panics about everything and expects my husbabd to give into her unreasonable requests (which he doesn't but it's still a lot to deal with) 

Stepson was having groin pain. DH takes him to urgent care and keeps her know. They say it's a hernia. DH let's her know and tell her he will update her in a bit. SS is starving at this point. So as DH is driving she is texting him 30 times saying he needs to take him to the emergency room. At dinner DH is trying to evaluate SS's pain level all the while she is calling and texting constantly (they are only suppose to be communicating on OFW) at this point she starts texting me saying DH is not communicating about SS health. I told her thaf DH and SS are at dinner and DH will update her as soon as they are settled. She kept texting me, I ignored her. She kept texting and calling DH (mind you this is in a span of 30-40 minutes) when he is done talking to SS they decide an ER visit is in order. SS was in a lot of pain. DH OFW's her a messages and let's her know. She drives in the parking lot like a lunatic runs over to SS and is panicking. They get out of the ER and they come home. SS rests yesterday but asks DH if he can go watch him baseball team today and DH says of course. HCBM shows up livid that DH has not given her minute by minute details of how SS is doing. Mind you SS is almost 12 and can talk to mom. DH does not for any reason need to communicate with her but she needs her supply sk desperately tries to get him to talk to her. He walks away and she's yelling "don't you walk away from me" DH turns around and tells her she's being inappropriate and he will let her know if there are any emergencies. She's flipping out saying his health IS an emergency and how he has to call her in an emergency snd blah blah blah. DH ignored her. 

I know people say just ignore her but WTF? This stufff is REALLY HARD to ignore. She's batshit and makes scenes all the time. DH tried his best to both try to ignore her as best he could but also try to not get her going because she will make him look bad in public. Trust me. She will. Is it reasonable to ask the courts that they not be in the sand place for things? She uses baseball games for a platform to try and engage with DH and we are both sick of it. 

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Unfortunately, this is the woman your husband married and had kids with, and she's going to be high-conflict until the day he dies (or sets limits on her once the kids are over 18).  My guess is that once court is over, she will settle down somewhat - at this point, she's desperate to prove that she's the better parent and that DH is not a good one.

I think he ignored her the best he could. I would be shocked if the court said both parents couldn't go to baseball games. He will have to find other ways to stay away from her at games, including allowing her to make a scene and just walking off.

I do think once court is over and she's not so anxious about "losing", some of this will decrease.

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Sadly, she's going to act how she's going to act and there's nada you can do but Dad can use it to teach his son how an adult acts. And from time to time Dad can be a good listener when Mom's over reacted and the kiddo is embarassed. 

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I just feel like if this was a man doing this to a woman she would get protection. Yet my husband has to just take any harassment she gives him and there's nothing we can do? Ugh! 

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Almost 12. They are only suppose to communicate through OFW. She doesn't give a crap and does whatever she want. She said he should call in an emergency. This wasn't an emergency. 

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If they're supposed to communicate through OFW, why doesn't he just block her on his phone?  She has abused the privilege of being able to call and text,  so it should end. 

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Yep. Also notify her after they get home from the ED, provided it's not something serious (ie, he needs surgery, etc).

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Because he's using it as evidence to show when we go to court pretty soon. After that? He's blocking her arse probably as we are walking out of the courthouse. Lol 

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Did you finally get a court date so you can get off this merry go round and stop doing things to look good in court? I hope so!

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Has to stop playing her games.  If SS get a pain just handle it with out informing her unless it a real problem.DH is the father he can handle SS.  Keep contact with BM to picks up and drop offs. Not everything SS does anything 

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Agreed - also, Dad, can I go watch my baseball team? No sorry, son, the doctor said to rest.

That going to watch the team was all orchestrated by BM so she could intrude on DH's time and harangue him some more.

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He's not playing get games. He's doing what the court order states and nothing more. It says to notify the other parent immediately if there are any injuries ect.. he keeps her notified and that's it. She's pissed that he doesn't bend over backwards and only does exactly what the CO states he needs to do. 

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Time for cease and desist orders and an RO/PO so when she crawls out from under her slime covered Rick at the bottom of he shallow and polluted gene pool DH can call the police and have her hauled off.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

A hernia is rarely an emergency. IMHO.  DH is responsibly obtaining care for SS and responsibily communicating with the batshit crazy BM.

She needs to be forced back under her rock.

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At least limit your headache in this and block her craziness.   No reason for you to communicate with her. 

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Oh I know! We don't communicate at all. I was shocked she messaged me. 

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BM tried that with me a couple times. I ignored her entirely. Then blocked her. 

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Next time don't answer. Just turn off your phone and wait it out. She got a response, and that means she will try again.

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Satan wouldn't leave DH alone either.  He had a CO saying she's only allowed to contact him by email.  So anytime she'd go near him in public he'd whip out a video camera or phone and start recording her.  That stopped her real quick.