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And...Munchkin pulls a knife

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Well, folks, if you dont know by now, this is kinda funny.

Munchkin is 5'2" and her sister is maybe shorter. They are both stocky-ish. 

Munchkin is typically soft-spoken, very sweet and kind. Gentle until you p!$$ her off. Shes told me stories of punching bullies that have pushed her. But with me, always kind and patient.

Well the bull is outta tha pen folks!!!

DH just texted me that Munchkin SD14almost15 pulled a knife on Feral Forger SD22. Ill keep y'alls posted.


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Wondering what happened!!!

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she gets frustrated easily, and her mother was howling from pain and fidgeting and accusing her of making messes and not doing anything to help her.

Then she watches as her sister rides off into the sunset (literally), and goes off to the beach with her friends.

My guess (Ill find out tonight when DH picks her up) is this:

Humpty Troll is in pain and of course is currently WOUNDED VICTIM. Feral Forger does her thing, then Humpty Troll starts crying and Munchkin dives into the fray to gallantly defend her mother WOUNDED VICTIM. Something along those lines. Those two are always at each others throats.

I used to get so mad watching Feral Forger treat her sister like dirt, punch her and call her ugly and stupid (8 years old at this time), and she has opeonly admitted to being afraid of her. Munchkin was treated like her slave and was afraid. I used to tell her "you have a voice, you need to use it" and then "someday, sweety, you will just pop on your sister and she wont scare you anymore and you will kick her butt...I see this happening in your futre". Not that I condone any kind of violence. I also tell her "violence is not the answer". Her sister is a bully. And bullies are cowards.

I knew this day would come. I cant call her right now, shes too upset.

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Hm.  I did that to my sister once. She was tormenting me for hours and I literally lost it. Nothing else was making her back off. Of course, I was in deep doo-doo....her tormenting?  Ignored.


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My brother threw a fork at my head once.. good times.

Sounds like our house last night... minus the knife but fist throwing. SS16 (and everyone else) has had it with SS17 and his temper tantrums and the way he treats SO and myself. SS17 bullied SS16 his whole life... SS16 is stronger then him now though so it isn't working out for him. I'm at work so don't have time to blog about last nights festivities haha. 

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Im at work also but everyone else is GONE.


NOW Im awake! It sounds cliche "younger bullied sibling gets older and bigger and strikes out". but when it actually happens your like (to the tune of a taylor swift song i really like" "you need to calm down.....")

Uh oh...uh oh... uh oh 

can you just not.

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Humpty Troll actually asked DH to pick her up. For once they are both in agreement, which almost never happens.

Poor kiddo (you). Youve got to be slyer.

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I hope Muchkin did this because she finally snapped and defended HERSELF rather than her mom. Still wrong, but better for her emotional health because she'd be taking back her power.

This might be the right time for Munchkin to move to your house. Would you be okay with that?

My older sister always was and is defective. I've shared before about how violent she was, always beating on me. I finally snapped at thirteen or fourteen and beat the snot out of her. It was a watershed moment for me, and I want that for Munchkin, too. Regardless though, she NEEDS therapy if she's to overcome her origins.