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Toxic Troll is trippin

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Toxic Troll has JUST recieved her big workmans comp settlement. After the lawyers fees and the monthly stipend, theres enough left over to:

1. Buy a car so she can become an uber driver, her newest money-making idea (not too shabby, people do make a living if they are smart about it. She drinks a lot and takes different medications as well as smokes the herbal essense so it will either curtail her recreational usages, or be a super part-time gig.

2. Buy a car for her ex boyfriend Tweedle, who she has a restraining order against that covers bother HER and Munchkin SD13, that she got 6 MONTHS after her daughter saw him peeing on a door, only because he threatened to knife her convertable BMW soft top. So either they are flirting with getting back together, back together on the down-low, or she is such a sweet caring person! He did loan her money after Feral Forger dipped into her checking accounts...

3. A trip to Disneyland! The other day DH dropped the bompbshell that Toxic Troll was trying to "trade dayes" for time off of munchkin this week so she can go to Disneyland. At first I was a little shocked. Now Im just shaking my head. Surely Disneland is actually more fun with a kid right? I dunno, now that I think about it, pouty mc pouterson might come out because she would want to bring a friend and pout because she didnt get something or whatever. But still - why on earth would a grown woman go to DL without a kid???

Im just thinking its somewhere with SOME dude. Not my problem anymore. Im sort of done feeling like a "fill in the cracks" person. A "have to make it up to her that her mother does nothing with her" step mom.

Its not a competition, I am realizing. WE are good if not sometimes great parents and Toxic Troll is who she is, and I am an amazing step mom. Who sometimes sais the wrong things at the wrong times. But who is always there for the step kid and loves her in my own way, different than a bio parent but thats ok.

Took me 5 years to get to this point folks. Thank you!



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For some reason, lots of people go to Disneyland/Disneyworld without kids.  I don't get it, personally, I didn't even really enjoy it WITH kids around.

And of course she's going to blow a settlement on stuff rather than invest or use it wisely (Uber is a really rough way to make a living, you basically make minimum wage after all the costs for car maintenance are subtracted.)

Anyway, not your problem.

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OTHER things that I would rather do/see with kiddo.

But then I know folks who are OBSESSED with Disney. And I have already been when I was a kid.

Yeah, she has not many options, due to she never graduated high school (lied on her job apps), has about 20 plus years as a "behavior specialist" ie working with Autistic children, but I have been told that once you sue someone for workmans comp esp in school system, you have some sort of mark on you as in "do not hire".

It is my problem, unfortunately, for the next, oh 4 years and 10 months. I just feel right now that we are living in this delicate balance of if "BM fails, it drags us ALL down". Is that an unreasonable fear? Maybe. I just wish she had some sort of steady income so she could at least take care of business for munchkin. We shoulder a lot of the load already, plus CS plus Spousal (as do you), so it would be nice if she could be financially stable (not going to happen unless she happens to trap some clueless rich dude...)

However, Im going to lay low, and plug along and "live my best life"

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My XH1 and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon. The place is fun with or without kids. It's a lot less work without kids, for sure (and a lot less expensive).

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And you can drink your way through Epcot! Wait, is that just me? I haven’t but would love to just eat and drink my way through (especially during some of their festivals), but I’m with kids or pregnant when we go, so no drinking.