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Munchkin is to blame

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Apparently, according to what I heard Sunday about Life with Toxic Troll, Munchkin SD13 is to blame for ATT wifi not working.

Munchkin related this very matter-of-factly, that her mother gets angry at her because although she pays ATT every month, the wifi isnt working and Munchkin cannot seem to fix it. Toxic Troll isnt working at a job and can easily slog her butt to ATT store, but IDK, BECAUSE.

I didnt say what I wanted to because, you never know if it will be repeated, but Toxic Troll has a very long history of getting angry and a VERY long history of playing victim and blaming everyone else for all her problems. And NOW she is blaming her 13 yo daughter for not being able to make the wifi work. This woman continues to find reasons for blaming even when there is not a logical reason for blaming.

Classic Narcissist.

Should I tell Munchkin her mother is a narc? LOL.



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yes. She is a loser. How the heck did she manage to keep DH for so long is the REALLY big question.

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No...just leave relevant easy-to-understand web pages open on your computer where SD might come across them Smile

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"oh, hey did you know that narcissism is the leading cause of not being able to keep a good man around?"

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Tell SD13 that it must be the strength of her aura and also her hormones that causes the WiFi to go wonky.

Then SD13 can repeat that garbage to Toxic Troll who will probably hire a witchdoctor to correct the issue - or see a fortune teller for advice!! LOL

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its something Ive always done since we met. In fact I told her once I was a fairy princess and she gave me a ring...a fairy princess ring, that I still wear...

LOL, she will laugh, and then not say anything, because as she told me herself, "you know my mom is crazy right?"

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I will say your story is one instance where I feel really bad for the skid. It's obvious she is being emotionally and mentally abused and I know you aren't the parent, but man every time you post I die a little bit inside for this kid.

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And even though I was frustrated because she kept blowing me off from doing anything to help me, after she told us this, I randomly hugged her a few moments later.

It made me realize that I have no effing clue what she is really going through over there.

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crazy thing is she thinks shes the normal one. Compared to her eldest Feral Forger, she is, sort of.

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Its hard to tell. Munchkin made it sound like she really does pay the bill. And that she really does blame HER.

Her own kid called her crazy.

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can't make this stuff up!

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My jaw sort of dropped hearing this.

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Munchkin becomes disloyal to Clove, she will be the scapegoat for everything sayeth the BM/Toxic Troll clan.

Hopefully Munchkin is strong willed against the BS.

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But, Munchkin is extremely careful - she has learned how to manage the mother-minfields, since she was a kid, and her mother would get upset and cry when I was mentioned in any positive light. I have her blocked on all social media and Munchkin never posts photos of her parents or myself.

Actually, last night, she sent me a recomendation via DH while he was paying his child support (ie Toxic Troll support). She started at the gymn and said to tell me there is a discounted rate. How sweet! Gag.