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Mirror, mirror on the wall...and Tweedle returns

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OK, so to quote almost everyone here, time to get that popcorn, or cuppa and enjoy the show...

The setup *** 2 years ago

So, for those who are new to my story, a little over 2 years ago, not 2 weeks that Feral Forger had been 18 yo, Toxic Troll, Tweedle - the erstwhile boyfriend and Feral Forger were just hanging in the little knarly 2 bedroom apartment, bored, on a Thursday night with nothing else to do (with Munchkin in the background/back bedroom) -  TT and FF  got into a major fight.

Toxic Troll was drinking apparently, Feral Forger was egging her on saying "so you wanna hit me, well why dontcha...huh huh, go ahead hit me!!!!" and had pulled out her phone to record TT in her drunken rage. This did in fact cause TT to put her hands on her daughter's throat, pull her hair, slap her and body slam her into the wall. I saw the bruises the next day.

After this happened, TT texted then SO, what exactly she had done. Told him the details, along with "at least shes 18 now. lol"

FF also texted So and I that she had been attacked by TT, can we please come pick her up. Not wanting to get into the middle of THEIR argument, plus having had a few glasses of wine, plus know police would be called (they were called by neighbors) we just told her to go to her friends house and she could come over the next day.

The next day, I tried to be supportive, and texted FF that I was sorry it had happened, no one deserves that, and she should just stay with us, and asked if she would press charges. She said "no, I might need to stay there" (foreshadowing at its best). I told her that it would happen again, the physical barrier had been broken, but its up to her to press charges.

NOW - Two Years Later...and a few months ***

Last night, DH and I decided to go out and have some fun at a local watering hole over the hill. I asked if Muchkin SD13 would be with us, DH said "ahem, we can go out, Ill pick her up later..."

So, off we went, danced a bit. DH later told me he had to do some damage control. Im like "what? Drama with FF and TT again?"

So, the boyfriend, Tweedle from last year, who still has a restraining order on him created by TT, Munchkin - innocent bystander, and Feral Forger were again hanging out on a Thursday night in the now even grosser small apartment with nothing to do

He showed me the texts he got from TT, that she was "ready to kill FF, can he please come pick up Munchkin SD13. Plus that Tweedle was there, and Munchkin is uncomfortable..."

Then...a text from TT "Feral Forger punched me in the eye, I pushed her up against the wall and pulled her hair, can u pick her (munchkin) up and take her with u? She doesnt want to be here. Feral Forger will probably call the cops on me."

Then about 16 phone calls up until 2 am, and another text at 12 "ummmmmm where r u?".

Sleeping Troll, we were home snuggled down sleeping.The thing is Munchkin had told her father she wanted to stay, because her mother was threatening to kill her sister, and she wanted to see what happened. lolololol.

They are all still alive BTW.

You cant make this stuff up! The Feral Forger is such a carbon copy of Toxic Troll...and history is so repeating itself again.

I predict its because Feral Forger needs more ammo to guilt Toxic Troll who has been threatening to boot her out. Ammo to control her mother, because she has learned how to push the buttons, to bring out the violent side. She knows how to work her mother, play her like a violin.

Munchkin texted me this am, saying that "things have defintely settled down, a bit weirdly." Like actors on the stage of life, once the curtains go down, darkness settles, come out and take your bows, everyone back to normal!



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Thanks Tog - Tweedle was TT's boyfriend, who started drinking heavily while in their relationship, would fight and call TT names, and they would punch each other. This culminated in Tweedle mistakenly peeing on Munchkins bedroom door one night, and hence he was ot supposed to NOT  be around, but stayed anyways. He stayed even when she got another boyfriend to move in with them. Then he threatened their car together so she got a restraining order to cover her and munchkin. Then he left and was homeless and jobless for a bit.

Recently he has cleaned up, gotten a job and stays there every now and then and gives TT money. Basically when munchkin is not there and its our days, hes there.

Whew! Theres more, but its in my blogs.


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Okay here is the thing, I know it's not your place, but holy crap a 13 year old girl is being raised around all that and her dad isn't doing jack sh*t to get her out of there.

When Meth Mouth got arrested the first time DH went and had an ex parte hearing to get custody of Spawn, and he continued to fight for 7 years in and out of court to keep custody of Spawn. It was hell and it sucked, but at the end of the day at least he knew his daughter was safe with him.

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Takes time. I keep pushing him on this. So now we are on the same page. Hoping to get "child endangerment".

I have no clue why he doesnt act on it. We dont have money for a lawyer. She did an ex parte on him before the divorce, to get money I guess. Because he divirced her before 10 years completed.

I need to revisit ex parte. That might work.

Edit * DH doesnt want to do ex parte right now.

I can only do so much.

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Doesn't it feel great to be sitting over here, watching the drama from a safe distance?

And good on your H for not buying into the drama.

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Munchkin said she is safe and things have calmed down "weirdly". But I hope shes doesnt replicate this behavior.

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is the wild card, isn't she? Same genes, same inherited predispositions, so things could go either way with her. That's why I always encourage you to guard your heart with her.

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Should be done on this.

I think the "deviation" might be spirtually base, could be recessive genetics, or it could be (gas) myelf and her father providing a good example to imprint on. Of stability, normalcy.

Id hate to find out I make no difference at all.

But you are correct - I must be more on guard than ever before, because this was the period of time that Feral Forger started her "dark path".

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Gads. I wonder if this is a preview of BioHo and SD23. 

Sounds like you and your DH had a good time dancing! Biggrin

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was fun, margarita was salty, friends was a good night, except for drama.

And hopefully SD23 is better than my SD20.

I think it was orchestrated so she has continued control.

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Yes, those genetic and imprinted roots can run DEEEEEEEP!  I NEVER would have guessed SD17 would turn out like she has and that our relationship would be so...let's just say crappy.  She actually used to defend me when her 2 older sisters would talk crap about me after they moved out.  We used to be close and I loved it because I don't have a daughter of my own.  BM has been an addict and in/out of prison since she was 5. That's when MR. ED got the girls full-time. Everyone thought that since she was around BM the least, she would break the cycle.  Unfortunately, all 3 SDs started reaching out to BM around 15/16/17 and when they didn't get what they needed from her once again...started spiraling. So far, all 3 are behaving just like BM.  It's maddening!

I will never understand how these BMs don't get how profoundly they are damaging their daughters.  I know there are daughters who rise above, though.  I hope your Munchkin is one of those!  All you can do is plant those positive seeds and hope that even if she goes through some emotional and identity struggles over how she relates to BM, she'll finding her footing when she matures.  Sounds like she's very lucky to have you in her life! <3

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Breaking bad cycles I mean!!!!

Yes, I treat her like shes my child, and she responds well to it. I dont go overboard on things, but we spend time togther, and have good talks. she absorbes so much! I sincerely hope she breaks the cycle created by her mother. Sucks.