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Redecorating SD23's Old Room

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So now that we've turned the page on last year's drama of getting SD23 fully out of our home, SO and I have officially decided to convert her old room into a Whiskey Lounge.  We are going to convert the closet into a small bar area (with bar seating for two), change the carpet to wood floor, re-paint the room, install an electric fireplace (can't do gas in that location) with comfy leather chairs, area rugs, and maybe a card table.  No TV but we'll have some nice speakers for music.

It is also icing on the cake that SD23 will be completely p*ssed that we changed her old room at all let alone to a bar.  She will likely complain to SO that he places booze ahead of her and of course it will be my fault.  We'll be sure to feel remorseful when we are sitting by our (faux) fire sipping a nice whiskey.  NOT.

I am super excited about the re-decorating project.  I ordered samples of brick textured wallpaper for the background of the 'bar' area and need to settle on the flooring and paint colors.  The goal is to get the room redecorated this year as I may end up retiring (or at least taking a long sabittical) from the corporate world in the next year or two, and would like to have a nice space to relax and curl up with a good book, or do some crafts.  SO is totally excited too!

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Congratulations that sounds really amazing. Our neighbors turned their front room into a pub when their kids moves out, it was really neat.
As for SD meh, she can get her own place and make it her own shrine to herself.

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Yes - we decided we didn't want a 2nd guest room (we have one downstairs) and we both have office space to work in (both are working from home at the moment) so we didn't need that.  This will be a nice adult sanctuary to relax in.

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Take your home back! For what it's worth, I completely redecorated my kids' rooms when they left home. They moved out into their own places and only need a guest room here when they visit. At one time, my son's bedroom was my sewing room (until DH bought me a studio!!). 

Guess what? My kids were excited I had a sewing room. Not one complaint about me getting rid of "their" rooms. LOL

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That sounds awesome!

You should invite your SD over for a drink when it's all done. I would love to see the look on her face!

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I could actually like her better after a couple of glasses of the good stuff *drinks*

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Maybe we should have spent $$ on booze instead of family therapy *ROFL*

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We're thinking of doing similar, SD 20 had a fortune spent on her room when we moved 3 years ago out of guilt because her brother got a bigger room (he's here all the time whereas SD withdraws contact for months on end to punish her dad every time he doesn't bow to her demands)

it's the larger of our spare rooms and next to the main bathroom so now that she's told her dad she's "never speaking to you again, you've lost me forever" after he called her out on breaking Covid rules I'm keen to de bling it a bit for when guests stay over in the future. 

she'll go nuts but we've decided she's declared her independence now by saying she wants nothing to do with him and hates me. I'm already scanning p'interest for pictures that I like rather than the stuff I spent money on to appease her 

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It will be a stark reminder to your SD that her words were and will be taken seriously.  For when she thows her next tantrum followed by silent treatment!

Like I said, it is icing on the cake that my SD23 aka Bratty McBratFace will be peeved over it.  


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Bratty Mcbratface! Haha! We've already sent back her Xmas gifts for a refund so this is the next level. I've taken the big tv out of her room so I can use it elsewhere already. You're right, it's the perfect lesson. Especially after she blasted the room all over her social media because it was so stunningly decorated. Along with a tag of where we live and other identify markers of where our house is just in case anyone fancies burgling us. 

apparently I was unreasonable when I asked her not to do that (I work in social media, so had very genuine concerns)

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I'm sure she'll be snooping and find out!  Then all heck will likely break loose when she realizes you've moved on instead of pining away for her.

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Tempting but I've got a private account where only people I know can see what I post. I removed her years ago when I found out from SS that EVERYTHING I posted became a source of conversation and judgement between her and her mum.   

She thinks social media will make her famous so she has 4000 old men she's never met in foreign countries following her. On a public account. 

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That sounds wonderful! I would love to have space for a whiskey room or small bar. Color me envious! *drinks*

SD is an adult. She can have her own room in her own house/apartment/duplex/condo/trailer. Call the waaaaaah-mbulance!

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Thanks, we're looking forward to enjoying the completed room.  Oh, it also means there is no empty room left for Bratty McBratFace to ever move back here.  He he he.

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Sounds lovely. I picked the wrong year to stop drinking.

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When SD21 Feral Forger decided to just "not come home" for 7 months, DH said "Im going to the dump do we need to get rid of anything?" I took this opporunity to open the door to her room, and gestured to her bed and furniture. LOL. then conscripted SD14 Munchkin to help me go through all the trash.

One electric bed base, queen mattress, 5 bags, 3 bins, two dressers, a vanity with chair, and it was cleaned out completely!

I installed a fish tank, some fish, a gorgeous writing desk, many plants, candles, art, my jewelry making supplies, clothes, a bookcase for my purses and boots, some cool stuff. Its my oasis. And I can watch sunsets with a glass of wine in hand.

SD21 still asks to come back, but DH knows that would be the end of our peaceful existence, and our marriage. 

I love your ideas! 

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Oh yes, we'll need a lot of those in our lounge!  Your space sounds lovely.  I can picture you sitting there with a glass of wine, watching the sunset, and writing in your journal.  Sounds like heaven and I'm glad you have that sanctuary.

I wouldn't touch SD23's stuff.  SO went through it and got rid of that junk, including donating the furniture to Salvation Army.  We did let SD23 keep a couple of boxes of stuff here for awhile longer.  I told SO to keep it in his office so I don't see it :). But that willbalsobhonin a couple more years.  Slap a shipping label on, and UPS it to whatever hovel she's living in!