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New here and need to vent!

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Ok my stepdaughter who is 13 is here this weekend along with her 15 yr old brother and 18 yr old brother. My husband and i just painted our 19 month olds room pink and did some redecorating. SD is so phoney and fake around her "dodddddyyy" and he pretty much thinks she is miss innocent. Well guess what I saw her post on fb? Her status was "fuckkkkk it I'm painting my wall PINK!" and when we got home from the store SD comes walking down the hall with our laptop that her doddyyyy let's her use so I know she's up to something and I decide to stalk her fb and this is what I see " her posing in my daughters room and she titles the picture "PINK wall Bitchessssss"! What the hell?????? I do not trust her. Never have. Her dodddyyy(she always calls him this in a baby whisper) thinks she's just so nice and he does not see this fb of hers cause their not friends. Hmmmm wonder why? They used to be but she created a different account and it's not private so that's how I stalk! Ha! }:) anyway I can't wait for the day he sees her true colors. A crazy fake b&$)@ like her Mom! :jawdrop: Damn this felt great! Thanks for listening.

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haha!!welcome.13 year olds are all weird though.My son is 12 and was always such a lovely sweet boy and suddenly is turning into a ....Teenager, backchatting, etc.Girls are even more difficult I think.
In your case , I think daaaaaddddddddyyys glasses got pink paint on them, too, lol, so he doesnt see that his baby girl is not so innocent and sweet at all.:)
Just keep in mind that all kids are a bit strange in that age and stay strong and firm with her!!

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Very smart investigating. I wish I had a way of proving mine does stuff. SD16 has been disrespectful for 2.5 years. Caught out only once because she stole the disk from Daaaadddyyy's camera becasu he happened to move it in the meantime. Just got caught by circumstance on that occasion. Lied ofcourse "Oh Daddy I just wanted a family photo." Our honeymoon photos were there. Ofcourse she looked through them and probably downloaded the slightly risque ones in bra and undies - nothing too dodgy than God. Wierdo kid. Just going to have a bath in bleach every time I think about it.

Opinion please and advice from those more tech savvy than me. My SD16 denies that she has a FaceBook account. Really at 16? Is that even possible? Ok I don't but I am old and time poor. Should I get a FaceBook account to understand it myself?

How can I track down if she has a Facebook without being a stalker?