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And the guilt trip already begins not even 24 hours later's picture

SD16 cried and isn't a part of our "new" family and she's pushed out and excluded from everything so daddyyyyy is gonna fix up her room up on Saturday just how she likes it so she feels like she's got a place of her own in our home... :sick:

FDH "So I'm thinking put the bed back together etc" . OH NO- Apparently he's painting and fucking "redecorating" her fucking room. Do you know we are in the process of re-doing the main living areas and the kitchen needs serious work and that was getting done this weekend???? We are budgeting $ for the main areas of the house not the finished attic no one ever see's. Omg, I'm just pissed


It's all on hold not until pwecious pwincess get's her room how she wants it.

I'm so fucking mad at FDH right now. I told him straight out he's foolish and wasting his time bc she still isn't gonna come over, and Im fucking HOT that the progress of our home is getting put on hold bc SD16 fucking cries and now her room is the priority??????

Angry doesn't even describe how I'm feeling....UGH

And guess what? I don't need his help I'll do our bedroom without his dumbass

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:sick: :sick: :sick: That is all.'s picture


So I had a big attitude and told him it's straight up bullshit that the people who are here 24/7 get their needs and wants put on hold bc SD16 cries about her room she hasn't been in in over a year?

guess what? He agreed. He said he will put the bed and stuff back together and they can talk about what her ideas are but we are putting no money or painting her room until she shows interest in coming over and spending the night Smile

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I was honestly horrified when I read that he was dropping plans to work on the rest of the house where the people who actually LIVE there spend time to pander to the princess.

Am SO glad to hear he saw sense.

Give him extra special hugs for that Smile