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Christmas plans update

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So I was planning a trip out of town with a friend and left it up to SO as to whether he would join us or go visit crazy SD23 (who complains about being alone on holidays).  He had decided he would rather go with me and that was going to be the set plan, but now with COVID our trip is off so we are home.

SD23 will not be visiting either.  She is still sulking about 'feeling unwelcome' since we threw her crap out but reality is she is not invited.  So I guess she is unwelcome Smile

It will be a nice quiet Christmas at home, just SO and me.  We have a couple that have been in our COVID circle so we're inviting them over for dinner.  I'll make lasagna, turkey meatballs, veggies and a salad.  My friend is bringing homemade bread and I'll make something sweet for dessert.  

So relaxing not having the toxic nut job around.  I don't send her cards/gifts since I disengaged and told her I don't want anything from her.

I hope all of you have a nice relaxing Christmas planned, free of any Step-drama!

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Except this will be my third SK-free Christmas after over 10 years of having to walk on egg shells; and not only me, but my bio kids and guests felt the same way. I haven't seen/spoken with SKs in near 3 years and I'm thrilled to have my beloved Christmas back as my own. It's one of the few times I get to see both of my bio kids together, and I've always loved cooking our traditional Christmas dinner. 

Nothing made it more evident than the first SK free Christmas, when I almost caved and asked my daughter what she thought about inviting the youngest SS. Her words: "Mom, PLEASE. Let us have our old Christmas celebration again. It's not like he doesn't have anywhere to go. He has his mom and her family. He doesn't even like being with us." 

Merry Christmas to you, OP!! Enjoy!


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Sounds like you'll have a nice relaxing holiday with food and family.  Enjoy!