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The epitome of selfishness

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I knew my DH came from a wacky family, but this takes the cake.

He has been talking for a few days to SIL, in her early 70's.  She believes she has Covid. Her neighbor, who she has spent time with, caught Covid at the hairdresser. SIL now has symptoms. 

SIL doesn't want to get tested because she 1. doesn't want to have to quarantine and doesn't want her DH to have to quarantine, and 2. doesnt' want anyone in her small midwestern town to know she has Covid.

She asked DH what she should do. He said she is knowingly infecting others if she believes she has Covid. He asked her if she would be seeing her kids and numerous grandkids for Christmas.  Yes, she is.

This selfish woman only cares about herself and not even about if she infects her own family!

I can't wait to see what she ends up doing.


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Personally I would contact all family that you can and let them know of her intentions to keep seeing others when she suspects she has covid.  So selfish of her.  People like her are the reason covid is so bad in the US.

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It's one thing to spread Covid asymptomatically. It's another to have symptoms that you believe are Covid and expose others. 
I think I might call the son/ daughter (or the spouse) that I think would be the most upset and give them a head's up. 

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This is why the numbers keep going up. Pure stupidity. You can't fix stupid. Please don't tell me she is a pro-lifer when she could give someone a virus that could kill them because she doesn't want to get tested. Shame on her.

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I agree and I know pro lifers who take this seriously.

Your aunt needs to get tested and quarentine NOW. So does anyone in her household. This is serious.

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When my DH started having symptoms, I told him to get tested ASAP. The result was positive and I went immediately to get tested with our daughters. The result was that out of 4 people there were 3 positives of which 1 had absolutely no symptoms. My point is that, if we hadn't been tested, our 'negative" daughter could have caught it from us and had a terminal case. As it was, we quarantined her in her room (yes, I know it seemed strange at the time but you do what you gotta do)  and we always wore masks at home. WTF is wrong with people? Don't they care about anyone other than their sad and self-centred selves?

Lamby, I'm on another continent but I'd call the powers that be on her. Dammit, it's a question of public health. 

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Sadly, the powers that be in US won't do anything to her.  She hasn't tested positive and there is little enforcement of anything.

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They would act all insulted and that i crossed the line telling them off for coming to our home when they were sick and contagious when we had a newborn and i had just given birth. How dare i open my mouth. 

some contacted myhusband to bring me into line, then would right after say we are such an uneducated bunch and rely on educated people like you to advise us on things. Right so going out and about when sick doesn't seem like the wrong thing to do even if you're uneducated?

they were more worried about people tarnishing their family name (me) despite them doing that all by themselves. 

even currently my inlaws were being facebook whores for attention. Oh my poor baby was so sick with fever and sore throat and we rushed him to hospital and dr gave him pills but the next morning while kid is still sick, the mum takes him out for a friggin stroll through the street/park etc.

seriously its been 9-10 months in most countries its been repeatedly drilled into people, you sick or symptomatic with flu/viral symptoms then self isolate for 14 days if you don't take a covid test or until no more symptoms if covid test is negative , covid test if your state mandates it,

some people just truly don't give a shit about others but its all me me me, feel sorry for me, shower attention on me. The pandemic has at times shown and brought out the worst in some. My inlaws have had years to change. 

even few weeks ago bil told my husband they wanted to plan an end of year family gathering, they are still having massive outbreaks since months ago, the excuse was "i paid a deposit for the accomodation" and my husband said tough, there is no family gathering this year since my husband funds 95% of it. Wanna know the craziest thing? My husband hasn't seen me or our 2 little kids since march, over 9.5 months ago as we're stuck by flight caps and international border closures  and they think my husband would prioritize a family gathering weekend with them when he hasn't seen his wife and 3 & 4 yrs old all year and according to my countries flight caps, it'll be at least 2 yrs before we meet.

i think you need to do a tip off, this biatch needs to be in friggin jail. I have no empathy or compassion for inconsiderate dipshits like this!!