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So the way my husbands custody works with his son is we have primary custody. His mom lives several states away. She is supposed to get him every summer/spring/ and fall break plus Thanksgiving. We are supposed to trade off on Christmas ( one gets the first half then two days after Christmas the other parent gets him until school resumes). 

His mom declined getting him last year during her part of Christmas (second half). Well this year he leaves Saturday and is staying until three days before Christmas. Its her year to have Christmas. My husband doesn't find it odd that she doesn't want him. Also, her state mandates that a within 72 hours of the flight that if he isn't Covid tested they have to be quarantined. She doesn't want to quarantine, and wants him tested tomorrow.


Am I the only one who thinks its odd that she 1. Doesn't want him for Christmas. 2. Doesn't want to be stuck quarantined with him for 14 days. 3. Isn't willing to have him tested herself and  be stuck with him for 72 hours while waiting the results. 


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She doesn't want to be bothered.  I feel for your SS.  Hang in there, Rbm2019.

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Many of us are here because the BMs in our lives are worthless sacks of crap. I used to think that it would take a lot for a mother not to be with her child. Something like prison or severe mental illness, maybe a debilitating addiction. Some are just selfish egg donors who don't want to be bothered, though. Stepparents are expected to just suck it up and sacrifice for the joy of dedicating our lives to a child who will end up idolizing the useless incubator. 

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Not all women are cut out to be parents. Be thankful she knows that and lets the father have custody, instead of demanding custody just to save face and then neglecting him. 

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She wants custody of him. The only thing preventing her from taking us back to court now is we have to set child support up. She lost primary custody because the judge didn't like the fact that she said she was going on vacation, but actually moved out of state. And then she didn't let my husband see the kid for months.

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Wow... I can't even imagine how your SS must feel. Although maybe he sees it as his mom loves him because he is spending a month with her...

Some women should never be allowed to be mother's. 

PS- Yes, it is all shady as hell

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I dont think he even realizes he isn't spending the holiday with her. He has no concept of time, and when he does see her its usually for a month or more due to distance.