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Stuck with SD in quarantine

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Last winter SD bio sister got COVID at BM house so naturally I thought SD should stay with BM for the quarantine (why expose two households right?) This turned out to be an absolute fight with BM. DH got texts like "I can't believe your going to allow a little illness stop you from seeing your daughter." We had to go as far as contacting my boss and having her give me the protocol for quarantine for my work. Then we photographed it and sent it to BM. She gave in and kept SD at home for 5 days then took her for a rapid Covid test that came back negative. Then said DH needed to come and get SD. DH reluctantly backed me up and said no we have to wait the full 10 days.

Fast forward to this weekend. We went camping with my son, and daughter, DH, and SD. Sunday I started to feel sick. Monday I tested positive for COVID. So I can't go back to work for 10 days and I am feeling like crap. Monday psycho BM makes DH pick SD up (SD was already back at BM house) saying she needs to stay with us for at least 10 days and longer if she tests positive. Now, I know that this is the right thing to do, to keep her here since she was exposed, but seriously??? What happened to not letting a little illness affect seeing her daughter! Now she wants her here for 10-20 days? Her bio daughter just had a baby and she can't expose it to COVID. Yes, I understand that, but after BM put us through hell last winter trying to quarantine I have no sympathy for BM. Sounds to me like she just wants to pawn SD off on us all the time. So now I am stuck in my room because SD is here and can't be exposed to me. My son already had COVID recently so SD is really the only reason I am trapped in my bedroom for the next week. I think HCBM just does whatever she can to make life miserable for me. Sorry, had to vent! 


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I had the dreaded covid and it aint fun. Lets hope you have a mild case.

As for BM, you know her drill by now so vent away.

They change the narrative to suit them.

Hope quarantine goes quick.