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A few updates

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I feel like so much is happening but nothing new, so I  really haven't posted much. 

  • SS15 is supposed to be here Saturday. We are 99.999999% sure he isn't coming. BM's friend that gives us info said that SS and BM have a plan to say they drove to the airport but BM couldn't get him out of the car. We have already notified both attorney's that we know what her plan is. I doubt anything will happen or change but whatever. 
  • SS19 managed to piss me off the the point where I told him that if he couldn't do his ONE chore in this house and keep his room clean, I was going to contact his caseworker and have him go live in a group home. -- It worked, the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher nightly and his room is "acceptable" on the clean scale. 
  • BS14 is still going through a lot of up's and downs. We are holding off starting treatment for bi-polar disorder right now and trying new meds. I pray it works and his roller coaster of emotions levels out. It breaks my heart when he gets so low. He is such a good, smart and kind kid. This just isn't fair to him. We did get him an "emotional support dog" who turns out is the one that needs the support. This is the neediest dog I have ever met, but he is so sweet and gorgeous! A Dutch Shepard.
  • BD12's migraines are about the same. We did get homebound learning approved (YAY!!). She has a teacher come to the house for 8 hrs a week. We are slowly working up to her going a full day of school. She goes for 1st block right now, after winter break we are going to add 2nd then in 2-3 weeks add in 3rd block and then hopefully 4th for the full day. The teacher is helping her get all caught up and she is doing well, still maintaining straight A's. 
  • The new house is AMAZING! I love it so much. I am still working on decorating, it is a very beachy house and my last few homes were more "country", so I am not liking much of my decor in the house, but I like and excuse for shopping!
  • My sister and the CPS drama for her punching the baby hasn't died down. CPS told them I filed the report, even though I asked to be anonymous and they showed them the picture I sent in. I filed a formal investigation and complaint. My sister was harassing me pretty hard core so I blocked her and my niece on social media and my phone. So that is fun.
  • My husband just completed his last underway!! No more gone hubby! So that is the best news ever! The ship is going into the yard and after that, if we decide to go for 26 yrs in, the last 3 will be shore duty, so he will be home when we do that too! 


So that is my life ladies and gents! I am looking forward to Christmas, my company has decided to shut down all of next week and paying us for the week in full. Oh and if SS doesn't show, DH and I are going to do a winery and brewery tour for 2 days and have a little getaway, so I am really hoping that he doesn't show at this point! LOL 


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We did get him an "emotional support dog" who turns out is the one that needs the support. This is the neediest dog I have ever met

That is so funny! My niece had a dog like that once, who spent a lot of time at my house, so I know what you mean. We used to joke to my sister that not only did she find needy men, but she managed to find needy pets, too.

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It sounds like you have a full plate and SS is the least of those worries.

I would like to think at some point the courts would do something, but sadly I don't see that happening.