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O/T A poem for BM (I was feeling creative this morning) I hope you like it :)

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Your eyebrows are like a clowns,
Your mascara's always runny.
If you weren't such a train wreck,
I'd think it all was funny.

Your children are a mess and are quite often thin and grubby.
Luckily for them, they have my almost hubby!

Social services are a joke,
So you'll get away with that!
Just try not to beat them so hard,
Or you'll crush your Brownie Leader's hat!

Christmas plays and school fairs,
Of course you'll always be there,
Because you're a self proclaimed
"Mother of the year"!!
-I'll bare that in mind while you drive your kids to tears.

They are scared of you, you know.
It's written on their faces
All the crying, kicking, screaming
whenever they go home,
Its a dead give away.
All they really want is more time to stay and play.

To them, their Daddy is their rock,
You are just a disgrace.
Acting all high and mighty with mascara on your face!

As for me,
I'm just an almost stepmum,
I have nothing to declare...

Except I often wish,
(With silent despair)
That on the day he met you,



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