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SS making me nuts... and I feel awful about it!

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Ugh, I feel like the evilest of evil stepmoms right now. SS is 6 and almost done with the first grade. The last few weeks, he has been argumentative and overly emotional. No matter what DH and I say to him, he comes back with, "Actually, it's this way," or "Actually, it's that way." And he's crying at the drop of a hat! My husband got on him about his lack of attention with a toy that he just HAD TO HAVE and SS started bawling and moaned about hwo his dad hurt his feelings. Is this just part of normal things that 6 year-old boys go through? His dad and I are noticing it more and more and wonder how long it's going to take before he cries in front of other kids and gets made picked on for it.

We also have a year old baby and it makes me INSANE when SS talks baby talk to his brother or says, "Oh, he wants to be by me," especially when we've moved the baby to a safer spot than where SS is playing/sitting/etc... (just safer for the baby, that is; SS doesn't play in viper pits!) I just want him to shut up! It's as though I resent my SS for being half his mom. I often remind myself that he's half DH and that's why I love him, but this kid gets on my last nerves some days.

Another question for those of you with younger stepkids and newer babies: did your SKIDS "revert" to wanting some baby treatment? SS asks me to sing a baby song to him before bed and pretends to be asleep when I'm done.

We have him every other weekend and certain week days each week. I feel like i need a break from him, especially because the schedule has gotten changed for about the last six weeks and we've had him for at least part of every weekend. How can I be so awful? Nothing makes my husband happier than having our whole family together, but I'm dying to be selfish on a weekend with just DH, baby, and me.

It kills me to feel this way. Any insights? Thanks!


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this EVERY WEEKEND! Same thing. 6 yrs old, almost done with 1st grade. the tears, the arguing. I have lost all patience for it. He has a bro that is almost 5 and half the time the 6 year old acts younger than his little bro.

I'm not sure if it is just the age or not.

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DH and I were just talking last night about how SS6 cries over everything!! Drives us nuts! I fixed dinner, and there was something on his plate that he didn't like, so I told him to push it to the side and don't eat it... he starts crying!!! My parents would tell me.. "quit crying before I give you something to cry about" lol

It must be the age, I do recall SD9 crying quite a bit at that age as well. They get thier feelings hurt a little easier. I am sure he will grow out of it!

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I have the same problem with the exception of the arguing. When my ss was 6 he began this crying. He is 9 now and still does it. It drives me insane. He rarely EVER gets in trouble at our house because he is a good kid but if H or myself says something like "don't suck on your lip please, you are going to make it worse" he starts bawling! If we ask him why he didn't do something he starts cryihng. If he doesn't know something when we ask "what month is is?" he starts crying. I hate it and so does my husband! We have told him he isn't in trouble just don't do it again or if he doesn't know something we don't make a big deal about it we jsut say ok well we just need to practice, but it doesn't work! I don't know what to do about it. I think he does it partially because he knows tears work on his mom. If she says no or don't do that he starts crying and she changes her mind because she doesn't want to deal with it. I think he just can't control it now and thinks it will work on us. Who knows!