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If she's such a "good Christian," why is she lying to our kid?

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BM's “great wisdom” has struck again. I’m a practicing Catholic and my 3 YO son is being raised Catholic. That includes saying a traditional prayer before meals. Last night after the little one and 9YO SS prayed before dinner, SS asked me, “Are you a Christian?” I said, “Yep, Catholics were the first Christians.” He said, “Oh, because my mom said I shouldn’t do this (made the Sign of the Cross) because you pray to Jesus and to some lady who was Jesus’ wife or sister or something.”

BM letting 19 YO son's GF live at her house

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I'm worried about ideas my SS9 may be getting. His mom just bought a house and is letting SS's 19 YO brother and his girlfriend live there. They share a bedroom right next to SS9's and I wonder what kinds of noises my kid is going to hear. BM has to be the "cool," "fun" mom so there's no way she'd say no to her older son shacking up with his GF at her house. You know they're going to have sex in that house and I hate it that SS9 is around this. Don't get me wrong--I know I wasn't a virgin when I got married and my kids are going to hook up with girls...

I can't find advice on this anywhere else.

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Can someone offer some advice on how to help/deal with a 7 year old stepson who is jealous of his 15 month old baby brother and who constantly acts out for attention? All of the stuff I’m seeing online talks about helping toddlers and preschoolers with their jealousy of babies, but nothing about second graders. I’m dreading the days SS comes to our house because he’s either arguing with us, screaming like a little girl, pouting over not getting his way, or being too “in your face” with the baby. I love SS but I don’t like how he’s acting right now.

SS making me nuts... and I feel awful about it!

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Ugh, I feel like the evilest of evil stepmoms right now. SS is 6 and almost done with the first grade. The last few weeks, he has been argumentative and overly emotional. No matter what DH and I say to him, he comes back with, "Actually, it's this way," or "Actually, it's that way." And he's crying at the drop of a hat! My husband got on him about his lack of attention with a toy that he just HAD TO HAVE and SS started bawling and moaned about hwo his dad hurt his feelings. Is this just part of normal things that 6 year-old boys go through?

what are we gonna do with this kid?!

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Help! 5YO SS has been a holy terror the last two days. Everything from screaming, "I want milk!" to burping and farting on purpose at the dinner table to to saying, "weirdo" and "stupid" after we've asked and told him many, many times not to. The demanding, bratty act has caught us by surprise and it seems like he's not afraid of anything we say or threaten him with. My husband came so close to spanking him tonight at dinner that I thought it was really going to happen... but, of course, it didn't.

She laughed in my face

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SS is a newly minted 5 year-old and really a good kid. Last night, he wanted to call his mom after 9 p.m. and, "Tell her I love her and to bring my light sabers." I said he could talk to her but that it was too late for her to come over so don't ask her to bring them. He started to argue and I told him three more times not to ask her to bring them over. He said OK but tried to go upstairs to talk to her once I gave him the phone. I told him to stay down here, so he snuck behind the couch. I KNEW I should have gotten him out of there or at least found out what he was saying to her.

Now I find out he feels like I don’t help enough!

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Has anybody ever had this kind of bomb dropped on her? After two weekends of family gatherings at my sister’s houses, I found out that DH feels like I never help out with my 5 year old SS. DH thinks I take excellent care of him when it’s just the three of us at home but that anytime we’re somewhere else, I apparently just let DH do all of the work and I go do whatever I want. WAIT A MINUTE!!!

He's in another mommy-worship phase

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I had a pretty good night with SS but got frustrated by his seemingly constant references to his mommy. I was drinking a Diet Pepsi and he pointed out, "Hey, my mommy drinks that." Daddy fast forwarded through a show he DVR'd and SS squealed, "Hey, my mommy can do that." There were a dozen other references to what he did "at my mommy's home" or "with my mommy." I was so frustrated by hearing it. And I know I can't scream, "Kid, I don't give a f*** about your mommy" to a 4-1/2 year old.

just a phase?

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Hi, all:

Wondering if anybody else has had this kind of experience...

Wonderful little SS seems to be in a pattern of both lying and destroying or at least dismantling toys, then lying about what happened to the toys. Recently he has: