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What's your style? OT

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What's your style most days? Are you all done up with nice hair and make up? Suits and pumps? Jeans and sweaters? tshirts and sweats? Jammies all day? Matching tops n shorts for the gym?

I'm in upper mgmt at a large but casual company so I wear jeans (no holes) a lot with boots or fun type shoes, sweaters or jackets and simple shell tops. I love sleeveless stuff but I have fat arms. I still wear it but I don't look good them. Simple makeup... Always mascara and natural lip gloss. Hair depends on what time I wake up! Lucky to have really thick hair so it usually looks fine without a lot of work but it almost never looks 'really done.". Weekends I'm a yoga pants and tshirts girl with a ponytail.


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Well, I own my own business, so when I have to go represent my own product, I usually look like a giant nerd. My favorite outfit is a white button down shirt, a necktie, well worn jeans, and boots. Maybe a nice v neck sweater vest. I wear black horn rimmed glasses and have short hair.

When I'm not representing my company, I usually do the yoga pants/tee shirt or hooded sweatshirt thing with tennis shoes. I groom dogs from home for rescue, and also for paying clients (mostly clients who meet me through rescue), and when I'm not doing that or designing, I work with my dogs as much as possible. I have to have something on at home that can have the dog hair rolled off easily if someone knocks on the door to pick up their dog.

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These days I mostly wear long tops and leggings or skinny jeans and boots. Sometimes I wear heels, sometimes not. I wear very light makeup maybe 2-3 days a week. People don't seem to notice if I'm wearing makeup or not which is the way I like it to be. My hair is wash & wear, it's very thick so I don't fuss over it at all.

On days when I'm just not in the mood to fuss I wear a sweater and jeans. In the summer I wear sandals or sneakers but it's too wet to wear anything but boots this time of year. I have a shoe fetish so I've got every possible shoe style in every available colour but really only wear about 5 pairs most of the time.

I dress the same way when I'm at home as I do when I go to work. Evenings out I might wear a dress or nicer top and jeans or leggings with heels.

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Mommybear - go to a Sally's and get the Hair One Conditioning Hair Cleanser for I think either thick hair or curly - it is the knock off of WEN hair cleanser and costs about $10.00 a bottle and should last a month - I got the WEN hair cleanser but I am canceling the revolving order and buying the Hair One from Sally's I find it just as good and cheaper than $30.00 a month!! There is also a product called Morrocan Oil for curly hair I found it to be a bit thick but the regular Morrocan Oil was great! It calms down the curls and the frizz and makes you hair look shiny!!

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To stay at home I'm always in my pjs, or shorts and t-shirts... To go out, I ALWAYS try to do (flat iron) my hair and do my makeup.

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at home i'm in yoga pants and tank tops.when i go out i'm in skirts,cute shirts and heels. i like plain clothes with solid colors so i can accessorize like crazy!There's nothing better than a plain white button up shirt,boyfriend suit jacket,jeans and several strands of long delicate necklaces draped around my neck.i have thick hair so i usually wear it loose and wavy but in the heat I HAVE to wrap it in a bun.i finally found my style niche and i love it!! Smile

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I usually just wear jeans, a cute shirt and some converses, maybe some jewelry. Somedays i throw my hair up in a pony tail and some days i blow dry it and wear it long. Sometimes I wear make up and sometimes not. I guess it just depends on the kind of day im having lol.

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Mostly, I have to dress like a grown-up for work (skirt, heels, nice top.) I'm back and forth on the makeup--maybe about half the time I get around to it. The office is casual, so if I don't have client appointments scheduled, I can get away with boots/jeans/sweater. Even when I do makeup, it's just eyes (shadow/liner/mascara) and lips. Never use foundation or blush. Ever. Don't even own any.
Job #2, I train dogs, so it's yoga pants, athletic shoes (why are all athletic shoes SO flipping UGLY?) and a sweatshirt.
Hair? Medium brown, long, thick and straight. Not a single hint of gray yet (and I'm 43!) Usually back in a pony, or up, though, just to keep it out of my way.
Earrings--long. Always. Even when training/trialling my dogs. I have people ask me how I can stand it...I feel naked without 'em! I've got dozens of pairs, in natural stone and glass, so I can match almost ANY outfit, too. "Good stuff" for date nights with hubby, and such, but fun earrings for everyday!

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Goodness! a lot of business owners - good for you; Me - I am a slave LOL i sit in a cube and have to DRESS UP everyday!! As soon as I get home I rip those off and put on my jammies - Love those cozies

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I'm casual pretty much all of the time. I love my blue jeans. At home, I do jeans or sweats with a t-shirt/sweatshirt. For work, I wear casual slacks with a sweater or button-down top of some kind. I have 5 pairs of shoes. 1 pair is tennis shoes & I have 2 pair of brown, 2 pair of black. One for each cold & warm weather. LOL!

My hair is as straight as it could possibly be & is currently parted on the side & shoved behind my ears. It's dirty dishwater blonde/brown with some blonde hightlights. It's very fine but I have a lot of it. I prefer short hair but can never decide on what cut I want next before it gets long again, so I go back & forth between the 2. Right now it's a little past my shoulders, & I'm trying to decide on a new short cut. Whatever it is will have a few blonde highlights & some auburn lowlights.

I desparately wish I knew how to dress up more. My fashion sense doesn't go far beyond basic casual.

I wear makeup every day, but you can't really tell. My eyeliner is gone not long after I get to work, & I don't really care...but wish I did.

I always wear earrings but never change them. I have 5 in my left ear & 3 in my right. The top 2 in my left ear are small diamond studs & the rest are small silver hoops. I don't wear a watch or bracelets. They get in my way. I wear my wedding rings & a birthstone ring that DH gave me as a "promise" ring. If I had decent necklaces, I'd try to wear them, but really have nothing fancy enough to go with much jewelry.

I guess my style is pretty much none. LOL!

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I wear professional clothes to work, mostly slacks and sweaters. As soon as I get home I take it all off and into yoga pants.
On the weekend I wear my super comfy jeans, because I hate super tight jeans and some fun fashion top.
I hardly wash my hair on the weekends. Biggrin

I was really wearing leggings for a while on the weekends until I saw a glimpse of myself at the mall.. :jawdrop: . Leggings are not for everyone.

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I'm pretty much a modern day hippie, lol. I always wear long skirts, unless it's pj pants at home or yoga pants to exercise. I can't even remember the last time I wore actual pants in public. I just love skirts.

I am always casual though, work in social services and can wear whatever I want. I never wear make up unless I'm going out on the maybe once a week or sometimes a little more often.

I have long dark hair, but it's so thin, I'm sadly thinking of cutting it off a little. It's got just enough of a wave to it that in order to wear it down I have to straighten it, so it's usually up in a clip unless I'm going out and doing the whole hair and makeup she-bang.

I'm not a big jewelry person except lots and lots of necklaces. I especially love amber and wear it all the time. My nose is pierced and I just keep a little hoop in that.

I don't even own a pair of high heels and probably will never wear them for as long as I live, hahaha. I usually just wear knee boots in the winter, or sandals in the summer.