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Following and Unfollowing - Toxic Troll Strikes again!

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I need some advice Steptalkers.

What should I do?

I like and enjoy social media, perhaps a bit too much. I do both Instagram and Facebook, while Dh does mainly Facebook. He has an instagram account, however he doesnt use it at all, really, hasnt even made a single post until yesterday, but Ill get to that in a sec.

I have Toxic Trolls 6 different accounts blocked on Facebook, but not on Instagram. Shes mainly active on Facebook, but has just started doing more on Instagram, apparently. I say apparently because yesterday, Dh mentioned that she had started following him on instagram, and he panicked and told her to "please unfollow me, thats not cool, I dont post much there anyway, Im married now, its not cool." So she said "ok", and did.

We had a mini-instagram session whereby I showed him how to block the Troll, and really wished he had told me first so that I could have him block her without any communication, but there you have it. He even sais "you would have been proud of me, how I just told her no thats not cool dont do that". I am happy sure, but thats not what I need advice about.

What the actual feck? Fathers day I saw a post about what an awesome daddy he is. The next month shes calling him names. so, what is behind all this? I have a  few theories, and asked DH, because he was with her for 20 years so he would know how that diseased and sick mind works better than me.

Theory #1: Shes making a play for my husband. Pickings are slim among the solid stable nice guy with a good job crowd. Shes trolling to see if he is looking to escape from his marriage to me, how could he posibly be happy with me. Stinky thinking, yes.

* Theory #2: Shes snooping, wants to know all about our fabulous life. She gets glimmers from Munchkin SD13, Im sure. She does nothing and goes no where and has no adventures of her own, even steals MY photos of munchkin for her photos. Also, she needs intel to use against him somehow. (most likely!) I think that she is gearing up for another Child Support modification court hearing, because you know, in 9 months the spousal support stops. Its "only" $300, but shes thinking that she could simply up the CS to balance out her income loss and is looking for any info on his income and lifestyle.

Theory #3: Neither of the above. She is trying to "make nice", and be "friendlier" to somehow shovel Feral Forger back to our home because she is tired of the filth, the attitude, the stealing and the lies.

Please let me know what you think. I am not saying anything to DH, but I am just REALLY MAD that this b!tch has to continually violate and cross ALL fecking boundaries possible. So, yesterday I taught DH about instagram blocking and he made his first ever instagram post! It was a funny meme about fishing so of course now he gets irritating insta's!!! lol.



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Ignore the whore. Don't put so much mental energy into figuring her out. DH is with you, she's crazy, enjoy your life and don't let her get to you.

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Try to focus less on TT and more on "training" you H. He needs better tools for handling her and FF.

I also think it's wise of you to think ahead regarding the end of alimony. These men just seem to la la la take things day by day when they should be looking ahead and preparing for obstacles. And it's not like they don't know these crazy exes and how they roll, right? Start planting seeds with him now, so he'll be ready.

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saying, dont use me as your reasons - you dont NEED reasons or excuses. Just say NO.

I think he gets emotional and its a knee jerk reaction. She knows how to push his buttons, and they have a history of button pushing spanning 20 years. Now 25, because of kiddo links.

He needs to somewhere gain the tools to block her button-pushing and his reactions to it. I myself do not have those tools.

Ive been "planting lots of seeds", at least once a week (or whatever I can get away with.) He is pretty laid back about it, and his attitude is "we will deal with it when it happens." Meanwhile I am plotting and planning. Tallying up the potential lawyer consults...

At least we were able to block the social media stuff.

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Uh, I don't get why your husband just doesn't tell her stop immediately!  If he's believable (really wants her to), she will.  That's all.  Don't play the game.  Tell him to make himself believable, or else.  

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He texted her, "unfollow me now please" and she did.

But there is always something else the next time. Thats I suppose why I want to get to the bottom of the WHYS and the motivations, and then I can figure out a blocking strategy.

There are just so many ways she violates boundaries.

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Trying to figure out what someone else is thinking or their motives will only make you crazy and drag you into their world far more than you want. 

Remove any unknown followers, block any accounts you know are hers, and make your accounts private.

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It’s likely a combination of all of the above.

Your DH verbally engages way too much with BM. No asking. No explaining — just block her.

Do you have Toxic Troll blocked on all social media platforms? If not, you should. I’d probably block munchkin, or at the very least go “private” and not allow her to follow you until she’s a little older, because HELL NO would Toxic Troll have a glimpse at ANY of my social media via her child, because that’s creepy AF.

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Maybe, like the BM2 I deal with, she thinks it's on the down low?  That's def what BM2 thought when I spilled the facts to her a few months ago.  She truly thought she was No. 1 and DH was covering for her and keeping secrets from me.  Since my messages, she hasn't sent one inappropriate message.  Zip.  Nada.  Nothin.

I sent her about three paragraphs and listed everything I knew.  From a month ago (from when I sent this) to 7.5 years ago when I moved here. It was neutral, non-accusatory, plain English facts.  Then just said stop playing games.  I understand you and DH have SS, so parent him, fill ya boots.  I don't care about the past you two used to share just stop meddling in our present and we'll all be good.

Of course, we're not, because ya know it's ALL MY FAULT.  Of course, since these GUBM's are never wrong.  *eyeroll*  However, it has stopped the b.s. completely.  Sometimes when the games aren't secret anymore, they high tail it like the little two-faced, two-timing cowards that they are.

Worth a shot.  Plus, it feels realllllllly good to let them know that you know.  Smile

EDIT:  for the record, DH and I ignored her for 8-9 years and it did NOT work!!

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Boundaries? What boundaries?