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Question for everyone

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I was just wondering... what age do you think is appropriate for children to have Facebook, Vine, and Instagram?

The mother of my boyfriend's 10 year old daughter is trying to get her a Facebook account now.. she has instagram and I believe Vine accounts already. I have seen pictures that her mother posts and they are not appropriate at all.

I just want some thoughts on this.. Thank You


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But my SD13 has been trolling around on Vine and Instagram since she was 12. Nothing bad, yet, but she's on there.

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Some children are more mature than others... but with her mother creating the account it will be in her email.. who knows what she will put on there.
The mother is just trying to be a friend since she took off on them.

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We have preteens, and I honestly think they are too young. We have restrictions on them, like we are their 'friend' and their accounts are kept private. They are not allowed to "friend" anyone they don't know in real life. We wanted them to wait, but BM doesn't have any rules about it and let them have the Instagram, Facebook, and Vine accounts, so we decided to enforce boundaries, no matter whose house they are at!

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My boyfriend does monitor it.. since they started living with us full time when their mom took off to California. She let the 10 year old have instagram and vine... she was trying to sneak a Facebook account tonight... but her dad overheard and said no your too young.

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My daughter was 12 and i monitor it closely, have full access to it, and again set boundaries. Sk got theirs around the same age but no boundaries or montioring go on.

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My older two were about 14-15 (back then it was myspace) don't even know what Vine is. I also monitored everything and had access to everything.

DD12 has had an ipod since 10 - she has kik and a few other things - I still have access to everything and her father (who lives in another state) is friends with her on everything - so whatever she posts one of us sees everything LOL

I am totally anti snapchat - if my understanding of it is right - I wouldn't allow that for anyone under 18.

EX-SD has ipod since 10, iphone and ipad since 12 and laptop since 13. She has all the accounts to all the sites, and like KTQ's SD NO-ONE monitors this girl because "it would be invading her privacy" I say while you are under 18 and under my roof you have NO online privacy. But of course SD had everything SD wanted.

EX-SS got his ipad at 10 because it "wasn't fair" that SD had one and he wanted one and blah blah blah whine whine whine. So BM bought him one too, and set up his facebook for him.... I reported that damned acct over and over for being underage, but it's still there 18months later.

Oh well, mine are safe (as much as I can make them) and the skids as usual, are not parented - EX-SKIDS.... taking some getting used to that - I am no longer a step-parent - it's party time!!

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DD does not have a fb or twitter account. She started Instagram and snap chat 13, she is now 14. The understanding was that i have full access. My perspective is that until she pays for her phone, it is mine and she uses it. I will go through it occasionally.

We also had a discussion about what's appropriate and how once something is sent/posted it is forever out of your hands/control. So far, no problems. Unlike my SD who was posting pics with friends at parties with bed bottles on the floor and information about different bj styles and absolute foul language on twitter and Instagram. I think it comes down to parental oversight and guidance.