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BM's Faces of Meth progression

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I can't get them to rearrange in the correct order. But you will be able to tell the 2 that are PRE-Meth, one has SS in it and he has on black face paint (he was some character from a spiderman something that year, I promise that isn't him being a tiny little racist) and the other before is the one of her that is "sexy" and YES she has that posted on her FB page for the world to see... and that's one of the more mild ones.

The most recent one is the one of her and MethMan in the Library.

The other one of her and MethMan is one she posted on instagram, which resulted in SS unfollowing her and blocking her from his page. Can't blame him.

That link isn't working for everyone... here they are individually: - this is a WAY before... -this is alway a WAAAYYYY before... got no idea wtf this is...?



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Oh boy, just, OHHHHHHHHHHH boy.

I know, there is nothing worse than an addict. A meth addict with kids is by far just awful awful.

For the life of me I CAN not understand why they choose to use the drug in the first place.

**but kids still love their addict parents.**

(again proves Dr. Childress "Parental Alienation epidemic. Kids do NOT , will not erase parents from their lives or become scared of going to see ncp etc etc)

At least she appears to be attractive.

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I sort of agree with that statement. SS will never erase BM out of his life. And we don't want him to. We have never encouraged that. And never will. What we have encouraged is for him to be very aware of his surroundings, to never allow himself to be in a situation that is potentially dangerous that he can avoid AND to always keep his phone on him.

With that said. SS has come to his own conclusion that it is in his best interest to limit his time with her, and to never be alone with her. WHY? Because he was at some point, afraid of the situations that she put him in. There are two people in particular, if you bring up their names around him, he has visible anxiety. We have no idea what all he experienced when she was trying to hang on to custody. I do know that on several occasions he text me "locate me, and come get me please. I don't like where I am". Every time he was at a super sketchy house with BM and her neighbor at the time. So, I do think their are situations where the child becomes afraid. He will never stop loving her.

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Shucks. All I get is a black screen saying unable to find images Sad
Maybe it’s because I’m on an iPad?

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I had an "acquaintance/friend" from middle school on who did that to herself. She was adorable, a cheerleader, smart (went on to law school and was an accomplished attorney), sweet as could be, pretty (yearbook beauty, homecoming court, etc.)

At some point she got major into drugs. Being quite naive about drugs it took me almost a decade to realize it was most likely meth. She was Holocaust victim thin, had bad teeth and truly looked like death warmed over. I mean HIDEOUSLY ugly. People who had not seen her in years could not believe it was the same person.

She had one son who had little to do with her. She is now deceased. Such a horrible waste.

Sometimes one just has to remove toxic people from one's life. Maybe they were not always toxic. Maybe they used to be a decent person. Maybe drugs destroyed any vestige of normal. But none of that matters. It's the reality of today that counts.

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Looks like drugs and tanning beds have prematurely aged her. It's so sad when people do this to themselves. Hopefully she cleans herself up at least for her sons sake.

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The english call this being a 'Chav' Wink

The hairline....gonna be a private helicopter landing pad on that soon. Also, what the hell is that one with tin foil cape etc??? just weird.

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I have seen pictures of her before. She used to be so pretty. But was creeps me out is methman!! OMG…he is just … just…well…freaking creepy. No wonder SS can’t stand him. Yuk.

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Right? He is just soooooooo creeepy and weird. No wonder SS doesn't want to be around him.

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I agree. He looks like someone I used to know that cooked meth. He's gotten clean since. That was 20 years ago. I was so scared of that guy but I would hang out with him for meth. It's a blessing I got pregnant at 17 and got clean. I actually stopped using a few months before I got pregnant.

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Oh wow! This is pretty sad to see what she has done to herself.
She was pretty before she got mixed up with drugs.

Is she receiving any treatment for her addiction?

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Nope. She went to an outpatient program for exactly ONE DAY. And decided she "didn't need it".

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oh my BS! She has really effed herself up. there is no coming back from that.

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You can always tell by the hairline, teeth, "meth spots," and serious premature aging. What a waste.

The one of her and SS is cute, but the one of her in lingerie, seriously who posts that crap on social media. That irks me. She doesn't look bad but it's so trashy to post for everyone to see. I like to think I'm not prude but that should be saved for someone you are with.

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Its the sunken in cheeks, they do look like... she also really looks like a man in that picture of them in the library.

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BioHo - while not looking THAT bad - is 40 and looks like she's pushing 60. That obviously comes from her drinking and wh0ring...

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What is it with druggie women wearing men's baseball caps?? They look absurd in them. DH's addict sister and her addict adult daughter (they did heroin together, dontcha' know) both sport the same silly "lid look", as did a meth-y middle aged woman who stopped in front of my house to ask for directions.

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ExJulie- BM started wearing hats to cover her balding head. I am not sure why she decided the flat billed white sox cap was the one to go with, but it looks ridiculous. She apparently thinks it's gangster, she once posted about how "talking to a cop while wearing a white sox cap" was "priceless"... have no idea what that means.