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Braces. Ugh.

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Ok. So I’m going to keep it short because we all know how exhausting the braces communication can be. So here we go....


SD needed braces. No question. However BM never communicated that she was seeing an orthodontist. We were informed that such an appointment took place via text demanding a 2700$ payment be made ten days after the text. Whatever. It is what it is. Would we like more notice? Obviously. Would we like to know that she had an appointment? Of course. 

My issue isn’t with any of that. It’s status quo. Zero information until a bill is due blah blah blah. No changing it. 


My issue Is with the fact that BM set up a 30 month payment plan for the braces. So how and why was it soooooo necessary for us to send a payment for half of the amount when she has tiny monthly payments set up for the next 2.5 years?!?! 


Anyone have any experience with how those payment plans work with the ortho? The statement said $0 was required as a deposit etc. I just don’t understand what benefit it would have given BM to demand a payment like that?!


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Gives her time with no payments "due" ? How is bm with money? Maybe she is thinking by the time your payment is used she will have a higher income/will have saved/can talk dad into paying the remaining balance?

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honestly I have no clue about her finances other than knowing she and her DH make PLENTY to support their family. I just wonder why there was so much demanding etc. 

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My DH just had braces because of a health issue and he had to do a deposit and then pay monthly payments.

My guess is that your BM has a credit card to pay off or something, and she'd like the $2700 up front for that reason. Or she just wants cash in hand for a trip.  At least that would be our BM's reason.  She'd take the money and then pay it off later. 

Do you have a CO? No court in the world is going to say you have to cough up $2700 in 10 days.

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just give BM that kind of money lol. So we pay the orthodontist direct. 

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Ah, DH’s CO says to pay her. Sucks, but she has to provide receipts. You still should have more than 10 days. 

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If it is based on credit score/debt to income ratio, BM may not have enough to cover the full braces amount, and they may not put braces on her until the uncovered amount is paid. So you're stuck ponying up the part she can't afford ASAP.

Really, though, I'd look at this as a blessing. Just pay it and then ignore any future texts requiring payment. It's done and one last thing for her to b*tch to you about.

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im glad there will be no more discussion on the matter. But if the ortho required $0 down for her payment plan (based on the contract they sent us with her signature) I can’t imagine that’s the case. Also they already put the braces on. So I don’t think that’s the reason. 

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was that you guys would pay half up front as then and she would pay the remaining portion in monthly installments.

If the Ortho had no reason to think that any of the parties were irresponsible, they might have been willing to accept such an arrangement.


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The ortho would be stupid to accept an agreement such as that without the consent of one of the paying parties.

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I worked for an insurance company in the US for 14.5 years.  If she is covered for ortho, the initial deposit and monthly payments will be paid directly to the Orthodontist's office.  Only exception is if someone has paid the entire treatment amount up front.  Ortho is traditionally covered at 50% under insurance.

So insurance is probably covering half of $5,400 I'm guessing, so a total of $2700, leaving a balance of $2700?  If that's the case, I'd pay half of the balance to the office and BM can slowly pay the rest via her payment plan.  Ask for an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that BM and the orthodontist will be sent from the insurance company as proof of what is owed.

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I am just curious if you don't have that kind of money just laying around how are you used supposed to pay for that. I sure as h*** know that DH and I don't have the kind of money laying around right now and then BM demanding it LOL I would tell my DH that BM is p*** off because our household bills comes first. It would be up to my DH to figure that out because they are his kids and his responsibility. I get it the kid needs braces but you can'texpect someone to fork over that amount of money if they just simply don't have it. So kid's braces comes first before everything else? I just don't get it at all.

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Like what was her plan B if we didn’t pay it on her timeline lol?

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I would contact the ortho and pay them directly. DO NOT give BM the money upfront. Typically orders state that a parent must produce a recipt with x amount of time befor the other parent is expected to pay anything. BM tried this crap with SO and too bad too sad.

Even if she has set up payments he can pay his half and it will reduce the long term payments. It also ensure he is paying the correct amount. When I had my ortho done I only owed 2000 TOTAL after insurance paid there half. Depending on your insurance if you have any BM might be trying to scam you. There might be another dentist willing to do it cheaper or something like that. You may find a second opioin gives you a completely different picture.

Braces can be medically nesseory yes (mine were) or just cosmetic and if it's cosmetic then most orders state parents must agree in advance. Ontop of that she has taken this all on herself to make this medical desision if it is nessory and that isn't acceptable.

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Like other posters suggested contact the Ortho office 1st and find out the fees and the payment plan for the braces. You can probably pay them directly and not have to go through BM. Just keep documentation and receipts of everything.