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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! It's been another loooooong work week and I'm ready for the weekend.

Eff off to:

  • People whining about a mere dusting of snow. We've gotten snow well into April and you know it. Sheesh.
  • Spam callers. I'm getting tired of answering the phone with "Sheriff's Department".
  • Callers with the wrong number. Seriously, dude. I've had this phone number for YEARS. No, 'Fred' cannot be reached at this number. Not today, not yesterday, not last month, not last freakin' decade. It doesn't matter how many times you call it. FRED ISN'T HERE! On second thought, maybe I should tell him...
    • Fred got arrested
    • Fred has a new number (give him the local police number)
    • I AM Fred, had a sex change, and now go by the name Sugar Pie DiSanto...
  • The same idiot who calls himself a programmer who doesn't understand Inbound vs Outbound. I've explained it to him. Two other programmers have explained it to him. The boss explained it to him. Any suggestions for Dipshidiot's new career? I'm afraid he'd screw up as a Walmart greeter and direct incoming shoppers to the exit...


Hope you have a good weekend! Yahoo


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Eff off to:

  • The programers that needed to fix the program so it would format a FOUR column file as a .CSV. Who have managed to finally get it to be a .CSV instead of a .DAT, however it's now 12 columns... And most of them aren't data that's needed and are causing issues for the client to get the file accepted. 
  • The lack of snow
  • DH beign gone at work last night, me telling him I'm having self-esteem issues (still/again... It's an eb and flow... Been really down lately) and him telling me "Well you need to do more for yourself." WHEN DH??? YOU ARE NEVER HOME BETWEEN WORK AND SCHOOL. WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO DO MORE FOR MYSELF??? I DO IT WHENEVER POSSIBLE. BUT IT'S NOT POSSIBLE RIGHT THIS SECOND.
  • SD6 going through a hardcore detox and making me want to pull my hair out.
  • DH's stupid boss and his last minute planning. Which is causing a huge turnover because everyone hates it. But we're stuck for now because they'll work around DH's class schedule. So he'll suddenly get a text saying "you work tonight." And it's bull s***.
  • My pull-ups are down, I feel weak. I need more gym time. But I don't have time for more gym.
  • Honestly SD6 again. She's been a real A-hole the past few days. Then DH gives me the "well she's just testing you. She's good for me." CUZ YOU'RE NOT HOME. So when you are right now they're too busy being excited for the 10 minutes before bedtime to be bratty. I'm leaving him alone with them tonight and most of tomorrow to "do more for myself." Also force him into realization.
  • My job. In general.

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Well, hell, PA. When I read "my pull-ups are down", I thought, "PA wears DEPENDS?!?!"

Sorry, sweetie, but it did give me a good laugh. Give rose


Psssst.... maybe your dipshidiot programmer and mine can start their own company...

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LMAO. NO! The workout!!

Glad I could give you a good laugh at least!

They should... Would solve problems for both of us.

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Eff off to the HVAC units in our "new" building. My hands are freezing....every day....due to the constant airflow required by "code." It pulls in air from the outside. Brrrrrr.

That is all. Happy Friday!

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Eff off to adult ADD. Begeezus, DH, you are hard to live with sometimes. 

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Eff off to Fakers .Fake Effers,Right?


Reading your saga about "Fred" ~ AKA "Sugar Pie DeSantos" are too funny ~reminded me about similar annoying instances when I was much MUCH younger. Like BCP~ before cell phone time.

I used to get calls like that  from an anonymous Ahole who could not accept  "noboby here with that name..EVER". Just kept on calling.

Finally one day when the nut ball called  one times too many I disguised my voice and said that the person he was trying to  reach had died.  There was a pause and then Ahole thanked me .Never even asked when ,how..The weirdoes are here and they walk amoungst  us.

NEVER called again. 

And we got more snow last night and today! I am lovng it.


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Wicked, my sister did that. She had the same land line for 18 years. From the beginning she was constantly getting calls from creditors looking for "Cheryl Stone". This went on for almost 15 YEARS. Until the day she finally got fed up and told the creditor, "Cheryl died." Guess what? No more calls for Cheryl!

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Eff Off to: 

  • Censorship. Especially when it's applied completely unequally on forums that were ostensibly made for us. 
  • Long, Boring Work Projects. Been trying to write this effer for 2 weeks. I need to be done with it! 



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I've been working on something for 6+ months and have one roadblock: the group who has the info I need? People keep getting fired. A new person is assigned. They're "looking into it". I email, I call... Finally learn the person was let go and here's my new contact. Rinse, repeat.

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Sounds downright Sisyphean. 

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Eff off to my gallbladder that has been giving me problems. Any advice on how to stop a flare up besides removal? 

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Ugh, I'm sorry, Maxwell!

I know someone with a sludgey gallbladder.
All I know is: no alcohol, low-fat diet, maintain a healthy weight. Give rose

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Eff off to bad management.  I sit back and watch them fumble around and feck it up.  And they said I wasn't ready for the role.  Sure as heck could've done a better job than this sh*t show.