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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Eff off to:

  • Farking insurance companies
  • Our timekeeping system being effed up AGAIN
  • This being a skid weekend (PigPen, please run away to New Zealand)
  • Tripping over the fan and bruising the CRAP out of my shins and right foot
  • Team mambers who think they need to store Every Bloody Thing on the share drive. Hello, buttheads, we're running out of space because you have 853 million pictures from that farewell luncheon in 2002 and every damn vacation you've had since 1997!!!


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I am with you Aniki to Eff Off Friday. At least this weekend is not a skid weekends and I can relax!!

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Errrrgh.... f. off to:

- Our provincial premier. Enough said.

- The million mosquito bites that I have and believe I'm having an allergic reaction to since I can't stop scratching my whole body.

- Chores. F off again chores.

- Having not a lot of extra money lately. 

- Raining on our campsite on our last night camping. Everything is muddy and still needs to be cleaned. 

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Ugh, I'm allergic to mosquito bites. I'm an official blood donor in multiple states thanks to those little buggers.

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....but I dread every second weekend, really I do.

Overcrowded house

Endless Disney Channel rubbish blaring from the TV

Blankets, empty plates, burger wrappers and all sorts of other stuff carelessly left strewn about. Apparently it's impossible to drink your cold drinks from the same glass, half an hour apart. New glass every time. Kitchen left in a mess after completely emptying the fridge and pantry of anything remotely edible.

Using up all the hot water, body wash and shampoo in the bathroom, as they insist on bathing twice per day. Leaving the bathroom a smelly mess - toothpaste everywhere, floor soaking wet, taking a new towel every time they brush their teeth or bathe.

Often having to do multiple round trips to where the brats live - to fetch them, take them home again, and also parties and sports. All about 20 miles from our home, as asshole dad refuses to ever collect them or drop them off.

Can't wait for Monday!!


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  • Eff off to MIL deciding we're going to a water park this weekend... When I have so many things to do... And ZERO desiere to drive 6 hours in a day... Or spend money on gas... (to be fair... It'll only cost me like $20 because of my car's gas mileage... But still!)
  • DH shattering his phone in a case that's supposed to be invincible while at training this morning...

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Ewwww Water Parks are gross.

TELL MIL you feeeel Diarrhea coming on ...MUST have been something you ate Wink You could NOT possibly 'go' under unpleasent conditions.

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LMAO! I think that may have to be my solution!!! Plus I'll get the whole day alone! So win-win right there!!!

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EFF off to rush hour traffic, EFF off to our campus being completely shadeless and having to walk across the whole thing multiple times a day ( not easy being a crip lol) , EFF off to SKIDS, wish they would just disappear and make my life easier.

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F OFF to this heatwave we are having in europe. 38 degrees c here, think that's 100 F. We are not used to this or equipped for it, no a/c as it's not normally needed. 

F off to cooking in the heat. 

F off to the farmer who has just spread muck (slurry) on the field at the back of us in this 100 F heat. Smokin' sh*t! Lovely. 

F off to DH being home on sick leave this week and holiday booked next week. Too much of him. 

F off to my mother who is still a narcissist and triangulating like mad using my son.


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Lmao @ “buttheads” and 853mil pics from luncheon. Lololol 

Eff off to:

  • skid weekend for me too (when did children as a whole make the switch from joyous and amusing to boring and annoying?? I’ll never get over how children these days constantly look to adults for entertainment... I always thought adults were boring when I was kid, and do not understand why no matter how epically boring DH and I actively try to be around skids, they still stare at us with beady little eyes listening and watching everything. Blech.)
  • not getting a good nights sleep almost every night
  • Neediness of others

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- to the 11 days of rain we have been getting

- SSstb16 fracking attitude!!!  

- this full moon that has brought out the crazy emotional sides of my clients, friends and family.


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Can you send some of that rain to us please.? We haven't had any for weeks now. 

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Dangerous unqualified recently promoted co-worker who blows up every one's phone asking the simplest of questions--stuff she should have memorized to get the position.

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BLOCK their number

Problem solved.

If asked about why she is blocked...Dang, I dont know how that happend. I will tryyyy to fix.

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WHY  didn't I win the Mega Millions this week.. DH ran to the gas station and blew a total of $3.00 on tickets. 1 person from California won the entire loot.

Soooo tired of hearing Moms report their kids dads are not involved in kids lives. OR they have no idea where bio dad is.  If you have a cs order I CAN FIND THEM and so can you.

Just as tired of hearing moms who are unwilling to allow biodad have the child for a year or two. Leave the kid out of your darn drama and mess with your boyfriend. The kids deserve a chance.

People who can not  get out of PJ's or gym clothing and walk into professional buildings, stores ...COME ON FOLKS

Which brings me to this: YOGA pants. Time for them to be removed from society. NO YOU DONT LOOK cute in Pasley yogo pants no matter what time of year it is.

Hair salons where color and touch up's  wash out in 3, 4 shampoos....REALLY????. DONT try to take pictures of me because my hair looks """beautiful"""while I am still sittin in the chair following color and gloss...pffft,,, take photos of me 1week post color because I LOOK LIKE I did last week before I BLEW my money. Shame shame.






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I admit I occasionally am guilty of the work out clothes and yoga pants... So my bad... Lol... I normally only do that when I'm running to the store super quick after the gym though... Since home is 30 minutes it's just quicker to get it all done before going home...

But I'm with you on the moms thing! IN COURT, after ditching the skids for a year, BM tried to say how DH pays for nothing... How does she think the skids were cared for? Who knows! Apparently unicorn magic or something!

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Eff off to in-laws who still, despite my DH asking them to stop multiple times, continue to spoil SS9 rotten with crap.

Eff off to feeling cheated of normal in-laws because they're so far up BM and SSs asses, they can't see anything else.

Eff off to pregnancy fat face which has started to take hold already eek!

Eff off to this NASTY heat wave we've been having!

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To all the liars, without whom we'd probably never even need this website!