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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Who else is doing a little happy dance that it's Friday? AND (for some) a 3-day weekend. Woo hoo!

Eff off to:

  • All of the farking teleconferences. Gads. I'm am SO over them. Especially since King Pita cannot seem to STFU.
  • King Pita. Dude, when we're on a farking teleconference, please a) put your yappy damn dog in another room far far away, and b) put yappy Mrs. KP in there, too. I know the dog has no idea that you're in a work meeting, but Mrs does. None of us cares if you're out of white bread!
  • People who continually flip-flop. First it was, "Oh, no, with the state shut down, tourists can't come and spend money!" Now that things are opening up? "Oh, no, the tourists will come and spread Covid!" If you're so worried about a Tainted Tourist, stay TF home.
  • Those constantly beeyotching about what others are doing: going out, socializing, talking to the neighbor, wanting to go camping/fishing (the horror!), etc. YOU do not have to interact with these people. YOU are not the mommy/daddy/supreme alien overlord of these people. Worry about controlling you and yours and stop trying to control everyone else.

Hope everyone has a stress-free, enjoyable weekend!


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Happy Eff off Friday Aniki!

Eff off to effed up warning systems. We got an emergency alert yesterday on our phones that an earthquake was imminent and to stop and hold on. Well you can imagine with all of us here being slightly (I use what word sarcastically) traumatized from the past events. I grabbed my stuff and rushed home to be with BD who is home alone and as I was turning onto our street she was calling me crying saying to come home she was scared. Turns out it was a false alarm and we got an oops sorry we sent that,but hope you all had prepared for it. A$$holes!

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people's personalities changing with the wind.  Or should I say with the Covid. 

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The answer, my friend, is changing with the wind. The covid answers change with the wind.

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Eff off to Zoom and all the damn meetings

Eff off to our Governor who only opened the big tourist trap beach (only for the boardwalk hotel areas) for Memorial day weekend and is keeping all of the local's beaches closed! 

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To 3 different tools but not a single one the whole damn team has access to.

my boss fopiguring out how to video/audio calll

work days with no beginning or end

and aniki I say this with much love

eff off to people who think that we should only worry about controlling our own universe.  All those people carelessly out and about, not wearing masks or practicing social distancing are selfish as f**k, and we do still have to interact when we go out for essential services.  They are going to make it that much harder for the economy to come back. So yup I am gonna bitch about and call them out BECAUSE it can impact me and mine and I am so sick and tired of selfish people who seem to forget that with freedom comes responsibility.  You wanna die fine but it's not on my menu this year.

rant over

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Smooches, darlin'. I understand where you're coming from.

I'm coming from the place of things like.... we have neighbors whose kids go to school/play with the kids halfway down the block. These children have played together darn near every day for several years. One mom is a SAHM and has watched all of the kids after school for years. These people socialize DAILY. I was doing some yardwork, and one of them stopped to talk to me. From 10-12 feet away. The busybody on the other side was SCREECHING at us for CONTAMINATING the neighborhood. WTH!

There are businesses here that rely on tourism. If one does not wish to mingle with the tourists, these businesses will ship. But they NEED tourists to come and buy or they will have no income to survive. A number of places closed a few years back when gas was so high because people could not afford to travel/boat/snowmobile. 

Also, we know Summer Folks. They stay all Summer. One had home damage that needs to be assessed and repaired. There are no family members who can handle this. They haven't seen anyone in 2 months except the grocery delivery boy and plan to bring EVERYTHING. They bought months of dried, prepackaged meals. And bringing all materials needed for repair. The only thing they'll need is gas for the trip up and have disposable gloves and masks. They have no intention of interacting with anyone (and rarely do). 

I do agree with you to an extent, but there are actually those who are extremely careful. Hell, aside from that conversation with the neighbor, I haven't been near anyone but DH in 2 months! 

Kiss 2

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There is a lot of pandemic shaming, and I hate it too.

It's okay to talk to people from 6 feet, go to the grocery store, and get out and exercise. I'm in NY and it's now okay to sit outside with a small group of people for Memorial Day, just don't hug and kiss them. I even played golf the other day - by the rules: we each had our own cart and stayed 6 feet apart.

Then there are those who are ignoring it entirely, though I don't see a ton of that. For the most part people are complying. But shaming isn't helpful to anyone.

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Tog, that's exactly what it is: shaming. The majority of people I know (personally) are following the rules: masks, no socializing, gloves (some). When this started, friends of ours moved to their summer camp with their son, DIL, and grandson. You should have heard some of the bile that was spewed! But the father and son own a business together and were already in contact almost daily, so... I don't understand why people got upset with them and said they were stupid, irresponsible, assholes (!), etc... 

I also don't understand people who wear masks while driving... Wink

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I like to think they are making a short hop to another store and don't want to bother taking it off. 


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It's not risky to take it on and off. You wear a mask to protect others from YOU, not the other way around. Use some hand sanitizer and take it off.

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But I am not going to argue.  The less you touch your mask the better.

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If you want to be "that person" driving around with your mask on because of misinformation, knock yourself out.

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You are right of course.  i should have never questioned your expertise in this area.  I would have responded sooner but I had to jump off for a conference call.  About face masks.  With infectious disease specialist from JHU and local Health Deparment reps.  To continue planning for bringing over 30,000 people back to our site safely.  About mask usage and bubble security.  But you are right.  I am misinformed.  Again my humblest apologies for even daring to assume that maybe I knew a little something about something.  Are you free next Tuesday morning at 10?  We need your expertise.  DM me I'll send ya the dial in.

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To point out behavior that you engage in that causes risks to others. Sure some people are complying, others are not.  I have no problem telling people who are standing too close to me to back off.  I don't care.  My neighbor stopped by yesterday and started out at 6 feet but kept stepping forward, we kept moving back.  We had masks on he didn't.  I finally told him he had to move back or leave,  I guess I shouldn't have shamed him.  Yesterday I had to write up an employee for being maskless in a common space.  He started to whine that no one was in the hallway when he left his office,  duh, that is exactly why you need to have a mask on in common areas, because you might meet some one.

When you engage in appropriate safe behavior while others do not the risks increase for all of us.

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If it affects YOU directly, then fine, of course you can say something. But to run across the street and yell at 2 people talking 10 feet apart wearing masks, is shaming. To tell people what they should do when it's not directly affecting you - is shaming.



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It's shaming (a crap attempt) when neighbor and I are 10+ feet apart and another neighbor is having a sh!tfit and screaming at us. 

I'm not going to argue with anyone.


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Eff off to my place of employment. I mean, really, a BIG EFF OFF!

I am off all next week and the next Monday, though. Biggrin

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F off to:

- Our business landlord who is trying to get rent but won't join the government business rent reduction program for COVID-19 affected businesses. 

- My job is getting riskier and riskier and I'm over it. No one is hiring in my field because of the virus.

- Money, money, money... so tired of stressing about it.

- Sugar. Why must you be sooooooo good?

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Eff off:

To the dryer!  Couldn't hold out another 6 months could ya? noooo - well ok into the trash with you!!

To my doc!  She doubled my BP meds and added another on top so for the last two weeks I have been dizzy, nauseous and just plain exhausted.  We had a facetime appt yesterday.  I completely embarrassed myself by busting out in frustrated angry tears.  According to HER notes I have been on the one ADDED BP med at 5 mg since June of 2019.  But when I screenshotted her what I was taking from the RX website it showed she doubled the stuff I was taking (that she had no note of) and doubled the extra pill she thought I was taking to 10 MG.  How the hell does that happen??  So now I am taking my normal stuff at double dose and that "extra" got thrown away.  I am so new at this BP stuff I have no idea what I am supposed to feel like!

Happy Memorial Day to all.  If you are coming to the NJ beaches, please stay on the beach and for the love of all thats holy - STOP GOING INTO THE PUBLIC RESTROOM BAREFOOTED!!!



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Super suckage, classy! Glad to hear your meds are sorted out. Scary stuff. 

Barefoot in public restrooms. Gaaaaaaaah! Why dontcha have a picnic there, too?! ~shudder~

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Eff off to the weather.

It's still cold and rainy and our furnace is still kicking on. At the end of MAY.  It's cold. It's not fun to do things outside in the cold rain.  Sunny warm weather is still at least 5 or so days away.  It's exhausing.


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I'm not a fan of rainy weather. Oh, sure, on rare occasion when it's a gentle rain and I can have the house open and nothing gets soggy. Other than that, nope.

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Eff off to: 

-Negative, whiny co-workers. I know this is difficult, I know that we don't know when this will end, but can we all be adults and stop complaining...

-To the criminals who decided to defraud the unemployment office in our state, meaning that DH still hasn't gotten his payment for the week (the week his child support is due, meaning, I'll have to give him money to pay it!).

-My inability to motivate myself to do anything except binge watch television and eat junk food...

-To DH for buying so much junk food when all we are doing is sitting in the house all day....

-To SSs for generally being dead weight in my home...

-To BM for existing...

On the upside, DH is again taking SSs away to the family cabin while I stay at home alone. So, lucky me!

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{{Hugs}}, strugglingSM. I, too, am finding difficulty in motivating myself to do anything outside of work. The obstacles with WFH are overwhelming, at times.

Yay for the upside! Enjoy!!!

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Eff off to the delicious sushi I just ate that made me sh** myself 15 minutes later!

I swear - not eating different foods for these past two months has really affected my stomach!

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Yikes! At least it didn't come back up??

I hear what you're saying. The first few times I get hot wings and spicy Mexican will probably be disastrous.