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he's going to give me a freaking heartattack!

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so i revealed all my frustrations last night to him. we got into a fight, blah blah blah.

this morning i leave for work, no biggie, kids go to school, all is good. then he txts me "going to work with church friend not sure if i'll be home in time to get the kids inside" me: well, then just have him take you to sd's school and give her your key to the house or make sure you're home" he never took her a key

so i get a text at 2 "i wont be there, i'll be late" me: "ok sooooo either i have to take off work early, or they will be waiting outside for an hour with no way to call for emergency?" him: "they'll be fine for an hour" me: "not being outside without any form of communication from us! i'm not goign to scare them like that! or risk kidnapping, they CAN'T be there without a way inside the house" so thank god i have a friend out there, i was able to put them on a bus to her house. then he txt me "we're douching the fire, and cleaning up will be there on time" me "don't worry about it it's fixed"

then all the sudden he can't do anything right. well, NO leaving 2 kids locked out of the house with zero communication from us and zero way to communicate is NOT ok i don't care how old they are, especially not a 9 and 14 year old!!!!!!!!


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leaving someone locked out with no communication is not right. It's disrespectful. Had either of those kids done the same thing..he'd be all over them for not being where they said they would be or where they were supposed to be.
It's irresponsible behavior. And you need to kick his ass for that.

Why would you want your kids to sit outside the house for an hour not knowing why no one is home to let them in and wondering if something bad has happened while they were at school?
He is a jerk!

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wow...this happened to me a lot as a kid....

i don't think it'd be the end of the world...but you have your priorities and it's just a different day and age.

my mom left me home alone when i was 7! :O

i just watched inordinate amounts of crap tv Smile

great way to improvise! i probably wouldn't have let me skids do this either.

asheeha's picture mom was late ALOT!!!

and i'd often lose my keys...ha ha

anywho...couldn't you just call the school and let them know so they didn't worry?

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i did call the school and put them on a different bus. i told him that if that's how he wants to treat HIS dd there's nothing i could do about that but WOULD NOT happen to mine. i told him it was fucked up that he even considered that and it WILL not happen again.

agreed if the KIDS forget their key and they have to wait an hour on their OWN neglect then that's one thing but not because "he just didn't think about getting them a key" which is EXACTLY what happened