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BM Rant

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Missing school. SS now has 19 missed days of school. It was 18 until today he missed because he "has athletes foot" we have SS and picked up from her house I looked at his feet and see nothing wrong. I will say he has missed 4 days from our house two he was sick sick, one was a day after he still had a fever. The other I was away and DH had no way to get him to school as we lived a town over (40miles) and the clutch in his truck went out, and he was having major injector issues. He also has 12 tardies all from when he was with BM whom lives 3 miles from the school!!!

I am so irritated between that and just her in general. I had a wreck on Friday and pretty much totaled my car it was bad. I start a new job on May 13 in a town 55 miles away and so needed a new somewhat economical car rather than DHs diesel truck. Today we found a car while we were getting stuff to send to our bank that is financing BM called to ask us to pick up SS because she would be gone for more than 4 hours - it is stated in the decree DH gets first choice to have SS if she is gone for this long as DH works offshore and already had limited time with SS. This is when we found out he had another absence.

When we picked SS up she stated "SS wanted to show me the new house so I got him to point me to it and pulled in the driveway. Y'all weren't home he was upset I couldn't go inside" this set me off. We have until Tuesday (15 days after move into give her the address). She has moved twice since DH and I have been together both of which we had to demand the address as she did it when DH went to work and protested she had 22 days because that was how long he was gone plus one day and him being offshore changed the rules. At one point a lawyer had to get involved. And I get she is obligated to the address but when SS got in the truck he said "My mommy made me take her to the house we got lost but I found it. She said she wants to see in and see my room to make sure it's what I need" Um, excuse me? SS shares a room at her house with his brother us giving him his own room is enough to satisfy more than the roof over his head needs. And the fact she got him to try to point it out when she knew we were gone disgust me. And actually kind of scares me because of far away I'll work.

I am just so irritated and disgusted at the situation. I know it doesn't sound like much but especially since after my wreck neither DH and I have really slept either due to my back or him having night terrors which can normally be suppressed by his sleeping meds but he hasn't been able to take it because of a abscess tooth he needs to get pulled and taking Vicodin he decided it wasn't good to mix pills everything is just bugging me. And let me find BM on my property (lease is my name) I would love to finally get my chance to express how I feel rather than being the silent stepmom.

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Who the hell misses school because they have ATHLETE'S FOOT??? Ever heard of Tinactin?

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Apparently my SS. I told him to per on his foot last night. I have no sympathy for missing school over stuff like that. His mom is obsessed with her kids and her always having something wrong with them.

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I'm about to graduate college so DH can start. My SS is 5. I feel like this proves how nasty her house could be.