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comment made me a little jealous

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ok so friday bf and i were discussing visitation for ss this weekend. we decided that since bm refuses to "meet half way" and ss too young to be in school, she could either come get him sunday night or wait til monday morning when we come to the city any way. she decided to wait til monday morning.

ok so as bf and bm were discussing she said "i hope you guys have a girl cause i want to be the only one to give you a boy." i asked if she still had feelings for him. He said he woudln't doubt it because she's tried to get back with him before when they were both single. he also said, it's ok because that's all she gave me, and i promised you a boy, so if we have to try again later, she wont be the only one to give me a boy.

i'll admit that comment made me a little jealous, even though she's not half the woman i am.


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she wont get it cause i told bf "that's kind of a slap in the face to me" then after a few comments of "she's nothing" i told him, "well, i guess there IS something *I* can give you that you'd never get from her....a relationship worth fighting for"

which is VERY true

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no, actually, she is a freaking whore...seriously. she has a daughter who is 5?? then ss who will be 4 this week, JUST had a baby right before me and bf got together (boy), and is pg again. every child has different dad's and bf is the only one that stuck around to BE a dad and is legal father of 2, bio to 1-another blog

and i already have a daughter who is 9, 10 shortly