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i'll probably be moving out of my mom's tonight

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nothing between me and her, but because her house got broken into, that NEVER happens in her area and nothing was taken. a door we NEVER use was open and another door was too---which we lock.

we both think it's soon to be xh, so i'm thinking about getting my stuff into storage and going to stay with a friend (cause other's have reported seeing him sitting across the road in a church parking lot-where we can't see but drivers going by can)

only thing stopping me........leaving my mom there to deal with it herself if more happens not knowing i'm there. BUT if he broke in it's clearly me he's after, or something i have-and me not being there, might make him stay away from her.


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I hope this was reported to the police. And tell them your suspicions. You would REALLY leave your mother behind? Can't the 2 of you check into a hotel for a few nights?

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if her xh is stalking her--to the point of trying to make some sort of contact--then staying away wont help. he will wait until he finishes whatever 'agenda' he has planned.

what is your relationship with xh? hostile? could he just need a talkin to? maybe when u left u took something without realizing it.

dont leave your mom alone---both of u should relocate permantly.

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exactly, which is getting in contact with me-which is why i was thinking if it's me he's truly after, then not being with my mom would make him at least leave her alone...right? :sick:

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my mom can't relocate, she's taking care of my grandpa who is dying and too sick to move

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I hope you have reported this to the police? They may not can do anything really but they need to be made aware of what is going on.

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make sure it's reported, make sure it's reported he's been suspected of stalking/sitting in the parking lot give them all his info car make/model plate # etc. Think seriously about if you have the need for an order of protection against him. It may not all stop him but it may scare him and gives you legal backing if he does continue this behavior.

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well I talked to my attorney, she said get dd out of there (was my thought) because even though *I* don't see it, he's still talking directly to her and is being unstable. so at attorney's advice i did leave.